Seifert, Elizabeth (1897-1983)
The Elizabeth Seifert collection contains almost exclusively manuscript materials concerning her many novels. The collection also contains some limited correspondences.

The collection of manuscripts is extensive. The collection is broken down by novels of which there are over twenty; each novel draft includes manuscript material ranging from first ideas, research materials, and outlines to working outlines, first drafts, revisions, loose sheets, publishers proofs and final drafts. These novels all concern doctors and include A Doctor Comes to Bayrd (1964), Hegerty M.D. (1966) and The Doctors Two Lives (1970) just to name a few. The collection also contains the published versions of several of Seifert’s novels.

Correspondences in the collection are limited to letters to and from Dodd and Mead editors who proofed and published Seifert’s novels; letters date from 1960 to 1972.
Notable Figures
1. Seifert, Elizabeth, 1897-1983
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