Sennett, Richard (1943- )

The Richard Sennett collection includes manuscripts, professional material, research material, correspondence, and printed material.

Manuscripts by Sennett in the collection include drafts of his books Authority (Vintage, 1980); An Evening of Brahms (galleys only, Knopf, 1984); Palais-Royal (Knopf, 1986); The Conscience of the Eye: The Design and Social Life of Cities (Knopf, 1990); Flesh and Stone: The Body and the City in Western Civilization (Norton, 1994); and The Corrosion of Character The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism (Norton, 1998).  Also present are numerous essays, reviews, stage plays, and other writings by Sennett.


Professional material in the collection contains several items regarding the Center for Humanistic Studies, including: Sennett’s original proposal for establishing the Center; meeting announcements; material for discussion; correspondence; and research material.  Additional material consists of items pertaining to Sennett’s teaching career, including grant proposals and applications, student papers, class and lecture notes, and other items.


Research material in the collection consists of files of material compiled by Sennett, for use as background information for his writings and classes.  Prominent topics include Inigo Jones and ancient Athens.


 Correspondence in the collection mostly consists of alphabetical files of letters to and from Sennett.  Also present are letters from the American Orthypsychiatric Association, New York University faculty members and administrators, the American Sociological Association, and others.


Printed material in the collection includes publicity material, advertisements, and reviews of writings by Sennett, as well as some other miscellaneous periodicals and publications.
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1. Sennett, Richard, 1943-
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