Sheehy, Gail (1937- )
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Gail Sheehy collection consists of manuscripts, professional material, correspondence, audio recordings, and other items.  Most of the material dates between 1974 and 2007.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of drafts and galley proofs for various books by Sheehy, including: Lovesounds (1970); Passages (1976); Pathfinders (1983); Spirit of Survival (1987); Character (1991); The Silent Passage (1993); New Passages (1995); Understanding Men's Passages (1998); and Hillary's Choice (1999).  Most of these drafts include extensive research material, including interviews, printed items, and other material.  Other manuscripts by Sheehy include: notebooks and drafts for interviews by Sheehy of Bill Clinton, Hugh Rodham, Gloria Steinem, Anwar Sadat, and others; numerous speeches, lectures and talks; a play titled Chasing the Tiger (2002-2003); drafts and research for an article about the 9/11 Commission; questionnaires Sheehy created for Redbook and Esquire magazines; and many other items.  Works not by Sheehy include adaptations of her books into television programs, films, musicals, and other media, by various authors.

Professional material in the collection includes extensive publicity material, as well as material regarding speaking engagements, appearances, book tours, and contracts.  Most book titles mentioned above include several such files.

Correspondence in the collection mostly consists of professional letters between Sheehy and various agents and publicists.  Also present are fan letters and several letters interspersed throughout the research material and professional files.

Audio recordings in the collection include several cassette tapes.  These include research interviews for Hustling (1973); Spirit of Survival; Passages; Pathfinders; and other works.  Also present are recordings of speeches and talks by Sheehy.

Other items in the collection include financial documents; legal documents; memorabilia; photographs; and medical records, mostly pertaining to Clay Felker.

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