Sichel, Pierre (1915-2004)
The Pierre Sichel collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and photographs.

Manuscripts include several essays, short stories, and some articles, all mostly unpublished; short articles written for numerous different publications; drafts, revisions, and corrections for several novels, including Modigliani and The Jersey Lily; and manuscripts not written by Sichel, most of which have multiple drafts, including works by Leonard Rubinstein, Bernard Schuster and Nelson L. Drummond

Printed material in the collection includes magazine and newspaper articles regarding Sichel or his work; Sichel's personal copies of several literary publications including "The Choate Literary Magazine", "The Playbill" and "Life", as well as 9 publications containing articles written by Sichel. In addition, the collection contains research materials and publicity materials from Sichel’s novels.

Correspondence in the collection ranges from professional to personal and ranges in date from 1947 to 1978. Notable correspondents include Nancy Wechsler, James Boxley, James Seligmann, Sam Endicot, A.G. Learned, Claire Bloom, Janey Gotlieb and Michael Legutko.

The collection also contains some personal memorabilia such as scrapbooks regarding published novels, 3 diaries, yearbooks from The Choate School where Sichel was a student, diplomas, Army gear, and juvenilia. There are also several photographs in the collection including negatives regarding Jersey Lily and Modigliani, some photographs from Sichel’s time in World War II, and pictures of Sichel at various ages.
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