Simmel, Johannes Mario (1924-2009)
The Johannes Mario Simmel collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, photographs, professional material, financial and legal documents, and other material.

Manuscripts in the collection are extensive, and consist of several drafts, outlines, and galley proofs of Simmel’s published works in German. Present are novels, plays, speeches, film story outlines, screenplays, short stories, stage plays, radio plays, miscellaneous writings, articles, reviews, and several unfinished and partial novels. The collection also contains several translations of Simmel’s work into English.

Correspondence in the collection is extensive, and primarily details business letters between Simmel, producers, and publishers, with some photographs and personal letters included.

Printed material in the collection consists of publicity material, notes, research material, financial and legal documents, copies of magazines and books, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and several unidentified manuscripts written by others.

The collection also contains several audio recordings, including radio interviews, presentations, and eighty other unidentified tapes. In addition, the collection houses many photographs of Simmel. There are numerous pictures of Simmel lecturing, giving interviews, and attending different events, as well as several miscellaneous photos of Simmel and his friends and family.

Other material in the collection includes several unidentified posters, medals and awards; a diary of the last days of World War II in Vienna (1944); and several personal diaries and journals dated 1965 to 2003.
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1. Simmel, Johannes Mario
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