Sitwell, Edith (1887-1964)
The Edith Sitwell collection primarily consists of correspondence to and from Sitwell and also includes a small assortment of manuscripts.

Though the archive has some letters that were received by Sitwell, nearly all the letters in the collection are written by her. The correspondence includes a mix of handwritten letters, typed letters, postcards, telegrams and cables. Present are approx. 20 letters to Nina Astier (1948-1962); approx. 64 letters to Eva Dworetzki (1956-1962); five letters to Miss Fraser (1954-1955); 11 letters to Evelyn Wiel (1942-1962); 14 letters to Robert Herring (ca. 1940-1945); 60 letters and postcards (including 1 incomplete letter) to J. G. Wilson (1936-1958 and undated); approx. 45 letters to various people (1918-1961); approx. 20 undated letters and cables sent to friends and business associates, including Carson McCullers, Edward Weeks, and Lancelot Law Whyte; and five letters and a telegram from Sitwell to Denys Kilham Roberts and Elizabeth Barber of the Society of Authors regarding upcoming events (1946).

Manuscripts by Sitwell in the collection include the printer's galley proof of Wheels, edited by Sitwell and dated Nov. 6, 1916; drafts of The English Eccentrics (Faber and Faber, London, 1933); drafts of sections of Taken Care Of; two poems; and several short reviews and essays.

Other manuscripts in the collection include the poem "Nino" by Michael Huh, inscribed to Sitwell, and a short piece titled "Memory of Edith Sitwell," author unknown.

Other items in the collection consist of a legal agreement between Sitwell and Longacre Press regarding The Pocket Poets (March 24, 1960); publicity clippings that mention poetry by Sitwell; and a carbon copy of an article from The Times commenting on a previous review of Sitwell’s Façade .
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1. Sitwell, Edith, 1887-1964
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