Sitwell, Osbert (1892-1969)
The Osbert Sitwell papers consist primarily of manuscripts and correspondence. This material is part of the George Sitwell and Family collection.

Manuscripts by Sitwell in the collection include several items regarding Sitwell's play All at Sea, including a press release for the play (under the early title First Class Passengers Only ), typed with handwritten corrections, dated ca. Nov. 1927; a publication notice; a program from The Arts Theatre Club in London, Nov. 27-30, 1927; and a letter from L. H. Barton to R. Wilenski of the Evening Standard regarding the play.

Other manuscripts in the collection include "Most of the Game," a typed carbon copy edited by Sitwell; a galley proof of the poem "In Bad Taste..." (Feb. 20, 1917); a poem titled "Metamorphosis" (1919); a radio broadcast transcript titled "A Still Small Voice", typed; and an essay titled "The Poetry of Osbert Sitwell" by Richard Church (1931).

Correspondence in the collection includes letters to and from Sitwell, as well as letters to Sacheverell Sitwell.

Letters from Osbert Sitwell include 19 letters to Sacheverell Sitwell, from Boston and various points in Europe (1926-1938); 15 letters between Osbert Sitwell and Jeannett and Dudley Cloud of The Atlantic Monthly Press regarding publication of Sitwell's books Laughter in the Next Room and Noble Essences (1948-1950); and approximately fifty letters to various other individuals (1921-1964), including Mrs. Alfred L. Castle, John Masefield, C. K. Ogden, and N. Sheffield. Also present are letters to Richard Church, Dudley Frasier, Patrick Hamilton, Kan Yo Hutang, Herbert Vaughan, and Ava, Viscountess of Waverley.

Letters to Sitwell from others consist of approximately 45 letters (1918-1949); senders include Arnold Bennett, T. S. Eliot, Robert Graves, Aldous Huxley, John Masefield, W. Somerset Maugham, Wilfred Owen, George Bernard Shaw, Evelyn Waugh, and Virginia Woolf.

Also present in the collection is a booklet for a "Tribute to Sir Osbert Sitwell" (May 31, 1969); a program of the memorial service for Sitwell; and an obituary for Sitwell from the London Times .
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