Snow, Edward Rowe (1902-1982)
The Edward Rowe Snow collection includes manuscripts, subject files, correspondence, and photographs.

Manuscripts in the collection include several drafts, revisions, outlines of chapters, and pages of notes regarding several of Snow's published works. Notable manuscripts include Snow's historical non-fiction works Women of the Sea (1962), Legends, Maps and Stories of Boston and New England (1965), Fantastic Folklore and Fact (1968), Incredible Mysteries and Legends of the Sea (1967); Tales of Sea and Shore; among many others. Other notable items include short articles written for various publications as well as several lectures given by Snow. Personal subject files also contain some limited manuscript material such as holograph pages and some typescript drafts of various portions of books.

The most substantial section of the collection is made up of printed material organized by Snow into subject files. These files range from research material for books and articles to printed material regarding societies and groups Snow was a part of, as well as book reviews, professional material and even personal acquaintances.  In general, a file for a specific subject will include clippings, photographs, correspondences, research material, lists, book reviews, and other miscellaneous professional material.  Other printed material such as page proofs, newspaper and magazine clippings, book reviews, meeting minutes, printed bulletins, and publicity material are also present throughout.  Notable items in the subject files include a lock of Edgar Allen Poe's Hair and a leather skate stay said to have belonged to Robert Louis Stevenson.

Correspondence in the collection is extensive, and mostly present in various subject files. Letters are generally between Snow and his colleagues and detail various business matters including contract discussions and legal and financial material, but also includes letters from Snow regarding research for his books; letters from others used as source material for research; and other personal letters between Snow's friends and family and book readers. Correspondence in the collection dates from 1933 to the mid-1980s, though some source material dates back to the 1700s. Notables include Sarah Ware Bassett, Margaret Mary McBride, Rex Stout, Stacy Knopf, Dorothea Lawrence Mann, Tom Horgan, Ellen Jones Greve, Blanche Cummings, Bob Cahill, George Gloss, Walter E. Scott, Edmund Andros, Sarah Bishop, John Fillmore, Nathaniel Gould and countless other Boston authors, historians, and ship captains.

Photographs in the collection are also extensive, and includes individual scrapbooks, binders and files containing various photos. In general, photographs in the collection consist of images used for research, though there are some personal photographs of Snow and his family. Topics include  Boston, World War II, Snow's Flying Santa tradition, Boston's harbor islands, and nautical history and sailing ships.
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1. Snow, Edward Rowe
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