Sorensen, Virginia (1912-1991)
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The Virginia Sorensen collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and other material.

Manuscripts in the collection include drafts of several novels, short stories, poetry, non-fiction, memoirs, speeches and lectures.  Novel manuscripts in the collection include Lotte's Locket (1964), Around the Corner (1973), Kingdom Come (1960) and The Man with the Key (1974), an unpublished novel from 1934, and others. The collection also contains several short pieces written by Sorensen, including essays and short stories, an autobiographical essay, pieces of poetry, an untitled play, and several pages of preliminary book ideas.

In addition, the collection contains several manuscripts not written by Sorensen but collected by her; these include The American Short Story (1964) by William Peden and Adventures with Horses by Wesley Dennis. The collection also contains several other short pieces written by different authors.

Printed material in the collection is extensive and include several newspaper and magazine clippings; published versions of Sorensen’s work; and publicity material, including advertisements, newsletters, cover art, book jackets, and pamphlets. The collection also contains several publications used by Sorensen as research material, mostly on Mormonism in the US and Danish immigrants including Hans Christian Andersen. Sorenson's collection also has a file of press clippings and other research regarding Esther Peterson (a relative of Sorensen who was press secretary to John F. Kennedy). Other printed material includes several newspaper articles on Sorensen and her husband; several written pieces by her first husband, Frederick C. Sorensen; and several publisher's proofs of Sorensen's published works.

Correspondence in the collection dates from 1933 to 1988, and largely consists of letters written to and from many different acquaintances known to Sorensen both personally and professionally. Several letters are from Sorenson's family and friends, while many others are from publishers, agents, editors, and book readers. Notable correspondents in the collection include Harry and Hanne Greaver, Milton Avery, WIilliam E. Barrett, James T. Ferrell, Alfred A Knopf, Oliver La Farge, Bill Peden, Storm Jameson, Viola Lidell, Wallace Stegner Alec Waugh, Irita Van Doren, Esther Peterson, Lili Cassel, Peter A Davison, Elizabeth Janeway, as well as Sorensen's mother, father, sister, husbands, and daughter among others.

The collection of photographs consists of family portraits, photographs of Danish friends and family, pictures of traditional Danish costumes, a photograph of a painting, personal photographs taken by Sorensen including one titled "My reaction to 60's Unrest", a photograph of Babe Ruth, and several black and white photographs of family functions.

Other material in the collection includes numerous pages of business and financial documents; diaries (1925-1980s); calendars; date books; address books; notes; scrapbooks; prayer books; legal documents; and several articles of juvenilia, including Sorensen's high school and college diplomas.

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