Staples, Reginald T. (1911-2005)
Materials in the Reginald Staples collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, audio recordings, and printed material.  Staples wrote under the names Robert Tyler Stevens, Mary Jane Staples, and James Sinclair throughout his career.  

Manuscript material in the collection consists of several items regarding the novels Appointment in Sarajevo (1978), Warrior Queen (1966), Down Lambeth Way (1988), Our Emily (1989), King of Camberwell, Rising Summer (1976), The Lodger (1991), Two for Three Farthings (1990), The Women in Berlin (1987), and The Fields of Yesterday (1982) among others.

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal and professional letters to and from Staples; notable correspondents include his wife and Jewelene Epps Jones, a close friend of Staples. The collection also contains countless letters from fans and book readers to Staples and his various pseudonyms.

Other material in the collection includes photographs of Staples and his family, some miscellaneous printed material, and an audio tape of "Spreading Wings" by Mary Jane Staples.
Notable Figures
1. Staples, Reginald Thomas, 1911-2005
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