Steele, Julian D. (1906-1970)
The Julian Steele collection consists of printed material, professional material, financial material, correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and other items. 

Printed and professional material in the collection is extensive, and is grouped into specific files according to the organization, committee, school, or government department concerned, including The Robert Gould Shaw House; American Youth Congress; The Armstrong-Hemmingway Foundation; the Massachusetts Parole Board; U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency; The Massachusetts Department of Commerce and Development; The Department of Community Affairs, Division of Urban Renewal; and others.  The material includes newspaper and magazine clippings, press releases, legislation, minutes of meetings, summary reports, commissioned studies, certificates of membership, hand books,  memos, by-laws,  invitations, programs, mailing lists, summaries of activities, numerous resumes, letters of recommendation, and other documents. 
The collection also contains several financial documents including bank transactions, insurance records, stock transactions, taxes, miscellaneous bills and records, and numerous documents regarding real estate including documents, contracts, and deeds for several personal and business properties. 

Manuscripts in the collection consist mainly of drafts of several speeches and given by Steele from the 1940s to 1970. Speeches range from broadcast radio speeches to keynote addresses and speeches at various conferences, schools, and professional functions. Speeches in the collection include "American Ideals" (1944), "The Negro in the Atomic Age" (1944), "Practical Steps That Can Be Taken to Promote Interracial Understanding and Goodwill" (1944), "Urban Renewal Opportunities" (1961), and several others.  The collection also contains several pages of notes.  

Correspondence in the collection is arranged into alphabetical files dating from 1940 to the 1970s.  In addition, there are many letters contained in the numerous subject and name files which mostly house professional material; several of the letters in the subject files date from the 1930s and earlier.  Notable correspondents include Jennie Loitman, Ralph J. Bunche, Hosea B Campbell, George Paine, Kivie Kaplan Alfred Baker Lewis, Margaret Halsey, Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry Knox Sherrill, Forrester B. Washington, Henry C. Cadbury, Kivie Kaplan, Francis W Seargent, Saville Davis. Norman Nash, Henry Lee Moon, Roy Wilkins, Christian A Herter, Dwight Eisenhower, John Wright, Silvio O Conte, Lawrence Curtis, Robert C Weaver John McCormack, John Volpe, Henry Cabot Lodge, and Thurgood Marshall among many others.  

Photographs in the collection include numerous pictures of the many foundations and societies Steele was involved with, as well as several professional functions, such as banquets, meetings, public ceremonies, and the 5th NAACP awards Banquet (1964). The collection also contains several photographs of Steele with political officials such as Gov. Frank Seargent, John Vope, Irving Kane, and several other senators, governors and government officials. In addition, the collection contains several pictures of Steele and his family from the the 1920s through the 1940s, as well as a few photographs of family members from the 1860s. 

Other material in the collection includes juvenilia from Steele's time at the Boston Latin School and Harvard College, including class papers, notes, diaries, date books, and diplomas; scrapbooks with printed material, photographs,and letters regarding several different organizations Steele was a part of; travel memorabilia and photographs; as well as death certificates, funeral books, and photographs from the end of Steele's life.  
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1. Steele, Julian, 1906-1970
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