Stern, Daniel (1928-2006)
The Daniel Stern collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, and correspondence.  

Manuscripts in the collection are extensive and include novels, novellas, plays, reviews, articles essays, and other short pieces written by Stern. Manuscripts in the collection include The Suicide Academy, After the War, The Women Who Knew Everything, Who Shall Live, Who Shall Die (1962), The Winter of Innocence, and a play version of the Joseph Conrad novel Lord Jim. The collection also contains some notes, an untitled play, short stories, and several articles, essays, and reviews written by Stern.

Printed material in the collection includes numerous personal copies of magazines and newspapers with reviews by Stern, several clippings of reviews written about Stern's novels and plays, and a list of names and addresses belonging to Stern.
Correspondence in the collection is extensive, and consists of both personal and professional letters dating from 1953 to 1966. Notable correspondents include Maxwell Geismar, Graham Greene, Harold Clurman, William Shirer, Santha Rama Rau, Herman Wouk, Richard Watts, Haskel Frankel, John Dos Passos, Francis Brown, Charles Neider, and Elie Weisel among others.  Some contracts are included among the letters. 
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1. Stern, Daniel
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