Stern, Richard Martin (1915-2001)
The Richard Martin Stern collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondences, and other material.

Manuscripts are the most extensive section of the collection and consist of numerous both published and unpublished novels, articles, short stories, screenplays, essays, and countless other short pieces.  Novels in the collection include drafts, corrections, revisions, rejected pages, and final versions; titles include I Hide, We Seek (1965); High Hazard (1962); Manuscript for Murder (1970); Death in the Snow (1973); The Search for Tabitha Carr (1960); These Unlikely Deeds (1961); The Kessler Legacy (1967); Merry Go Round (1969); and several others, including The Tower (1973), used as the basis for the motion picture The Towering Inferno. The collection also contains hundreds of short pieces, including essays, articles, reviews, and short stories written for several publications (including Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Argosy, and Good Housekeeping to name a few).

Printed material in the collection largely consists of published versions of Stern's many short articles, essays, reviews, and short stories. In addition, the collection contains some research and reference materials regarding Stern's novels, as well as several newspaper and magazine clippings. Also present are items regarding Stern's tenure as secretary of the Corporal Edward Dickenson Defense Fund Committee; material includes solicitation letters to US Senators, bookkeeping documents, legal briefs, official letters, magazine articles, clippings, and several other pieces of printed material regarding the Dickenson case.

Correspondence in the collection is extensive and dates from the 1940s to the 1970s. Letters in the collection include several items to and from Stern and his publishers, producers, editors, agents and other readers. Notable correspondents include George Young, Carl Brant, Helen Hammarley, Caskie Stinnett, William Herndon, Lurton Blassingame, Charles Geschickter, Merrill Pollack, and Neil G. Stewart..  

Other items in the collection include material belonging to Ida Martin Aiken (Stern's grandmother), including scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, poems, and autograph books (1870-1900) with signatures of Aiken and her friends; in addition, the collection contains some audio cassette tapes regarding Stern, his wife Dot, and their daughter.
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