Stevenson, D.E. (1892-1973)
The D.E. Stevenson collection includes manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and photographs.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of drafts and final versions of several novels, articles, book reviews, essays, and speeches. Novels in the collection include The House on the Cliff (1966), The Marriage (1965), The House of the Deer (1971), Gerald and Elizabeth (1969), Sarah Morris Remembers (1966), and Sarah's Cottage (1968) among others. Other manuscripts in the collection include several short stories, some pages of holograph notes for talks and speeches, some articles about castles and Scotland, and a short autobiographical piece.

Printed material in the collection consists of published versions of pieces Stevenson wrote for various publications, an article written by Molly Clavering concerning Stevenson, some publicity material, and a few published versions of Stevenson's novels.

Correspondence in the collection is extensive, and consists of several personal and professional letters regarding Stevenson and her work.  Many of the letters in the collection are from readers and fans, though several letters are from publishers, agents and family and friends.  Notable correspondents include Rosemary Peploe Freeland, Wendy Bevan Simpson, Molly Clavering, Jean Zolne and Margaret Czachorowski among others.

Photographs in the collection include several snapshots each with holograph notes and explanations on the back, several photographs of professional functions, photographs of Stevenson as a child (ca. 1895), with her husband (1920), and several with her sons and daughters, as well as a portrait photograph of Stevenson done in London.
Notable Figures
1. Stevenson, D. E. (Dorothy Emily), 1892-1973
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