Stewart, Ramona (1922-2006)
The Ramona Stewart collection consists manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and photographs.

Manuscripts consist of drafts of Stewart's numerous novels and short works, presented at different stages of completion. There are several first drafts, rejected pages, notes, revisions, worksheets, and final versions of novels, short stories, and screen plays. Titles include Kit Larkin (1966), Professor Descending (1964), Casey (1968), The Age of Consent (1975), Seasons of the Heart (1978), Sixth Sense (1979), The Nightmare Candidate (1980), and The Possession of Joel Delaney (1970), along with several other short stories and articles. The Possession of Joel Delaney material also includes a screenplay version written by Stewart, which became a motion picture produced with the same name.  The collection also contains several unpublished and unfinished novels as well as a proposal for film treatment of another of Stewart's novels.

Printed material in the collection consists of several clippings and magazines featuring Stewart's work, published versions of short stories, a newspaper abridgment of The Stars Abide, several legal and financial documents, reviews, publicity material, research material regarding The Possession of Joel Delaney, several publishers proofs, editor's notes, notes and research material concerning the American labor movement and political issues, among other topics.
Correspondences in the collection are largely professional and mostly concern the production of The Possession of Joel Delaney. Correspondence also includes letters to and from publishers, editors, produces and others. The collection also contains some personal letters to and from friends and family. Notable correspondents include Harry Sions, Vera Caspary, Sybil Leek, Robert Cromier, and Orville Prescott among others.

Photographs include various subjects dating from 1922 to 1965.
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