Szulc, Tad (1926-2001)
The Tad Szulc collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, professional material, personal memorabilia, research material, photographs, notebooks and journals, legal and financial material, and audio-visual material.

Manuscript material in the collection includes drafts and final copies of books, articles, and other short pieces.  

Works by Szulc include both fiction and nonfiction works.  Included in the collection are Twilight of the Tyrants (1959), The Winds of Revolution (1963),  "Revolution!": A Novel of the Cuban Revolution (1964), Ixtabai, a novel by Tad Szulc and Bernard Collier (1964-1965), Latin America (1965), Dominican Diary (1965), The Bombs of Palomares (1967), Chopin in Paris: The Romantic Revolution (an unpublished biography of Chopin from 1967), The Ambush (an unfinished novel from 1968), Czechoslovakia Since World War II (1971), Portrait of Spain (1972), Compulsive Spy: The Strange Case of E. Howard Hunt (1973), Innocents at Home: America in the 1970's (1974), The Illusion of Peace: Foreign Policy in Nixon Years (1978), Pope John Paul II: The Biography (1979), Diplomatic Immunity (1981), Fidel: A Critical Portrait (1986), Then and Now: How the World Has Changed Since World War II (1990), The Secret Alliance (1992), Interregnum (1992, includes an outline for a novel), and To Kill The Pope (1998).  Materials for most titles include drafts, proofs, and various other promotional materials.

Articles in the collection include a number of drafts on Latin American countries, articles written for magazines such as The New Yorker, Esquire, Penthouse, National Geographic, and The Progressive.  Also include is a Xerox of the article on the Bay of Pigs invasion, a speech by Szulc to the General Assembly of the Council of Jewish Federations from 1991, and a series of other lecture notes.

Correspondence ranges from 1958 to 1999, not inclusive.  Notable correspondents include Raul Soules Baldo, James C. Charlesworth, John W.F. Dulles, Morris L. Ernst, Emanuel Freedman, Paul J.C. Friedlander, Herb Jaffe, Alfred Knopf, Jon M. Lindbergh, Wayne Morse, William D. Rogers, and Byron White.

Printed materials include numerous articles by Tad Szulc and others, news clippings, journal articles, and magazine articles.

Professional materials include press releases about speaking events dating 1991 to 2000, Tad Szulc's curriculum vitae, a New York Times biography sheet for Tad Szulc, and other items.

Personal memorabilia includes numerous scrapbooks filled with news clippings from 1955 to 2000, many of which pertain to his various books.

Research material in the collection consists of a variety of articles, maps, and news releases that serve as background materials for books and articles.

Photographs in the collection include publicity photos related to books, photographs used as book research and relating to books, and a series of black and white and color photos ranging from 1944 to 1997 of Tad Szulc and notables such as his wife, Jorge Luis Borges, Fidel Castro, Pope John Paul II, and Lech Walesa.

Personal notebooks and journals in the collection include several notebooks, some labeled "East Europe 1990"; a monthly diary from 1968 at Havana;  notebooks with notes on various geographical locations such as South America, Taiwan, Istanbul, the Dominican Republic, and Latin America; notebooks with interview notes and other materials related to The Bombs of Palomares (1967); and notebooks kept during the Albert Gore senatorial race in Tennessee 1970.

Legal and financial materials include tax returns from 1961; photocopied pages of CIA documents from 1959 to 2001; royalty statements; passports from 1962 and 1991 to 2001; train, bus, and plane tickets from 1973; ID cards, including a Vatican City ID card; and other items.

Audio and visual material includes audio cassette recordings of interviews; hard copies of schedule books dating from 1999 to 2000; and a VHS video cassette labeled "JPII: Statesman of Faith" by ABC news productions.
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