Tauro, Joseph L. (1931-2018)
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The Joseph L. Tauro collection includes legal material, correspondence, professional material, financial material, photographs, printed material, audio-visual material, personal memorabilia, and other material.  There is also an extensive collection of items related to Tauro's father, G. Joseph Tauro.

Legal material includes files of documents on civil cases dating from 1990 to 1997, criminal cases dating from 1987 to 1999, and clerks' notes and internal files dating from 1972 to 1989.  Also included are files regarding personal correspondence (1968-1997); judges' meetings (1973-1996); Brown University (1974-1994); "Retarded School Files" (1976-1986); orders (1976-1989); Children’s Hospital (1979-1994); judicial compensation (1980-1989); law books (1986); code of conduct (1990-1994); civil justice reform (1991-1992); and binders regarding judicial conferences (1992).

Correspondence includes both professional and personal letters, dating from 1964 to 1998.  Correspondents include Brown University, Cornell School of Law, the US Court of Appeals, various Massachusetts District Court judges, Mary Coughlin, US District Court Clerk Tony Anastas, Judges Nelson, Wolf, Wors, and Woodlock, and the Boston University School of Law.  Also included are letters between Tauro and his daughter Elizabeth (1975-1992) and an invitation to Richard Nixon's Presidential inauguration in 1969.

Professional material includes court-related material dating from 2001 to 2006, containing faxes, items of agenda, statistics and reports, and various other court-related documents.  

Financial material is made up of both professional and personal financial records, and includes financial disclosure reports (1994-1997, 1999); insurance statements (1999-2000); and various reimbursement references.

Photographs in the collection include black and white and color prints.  There is a series of childhood and family photos (1950-1987); photos related to a family vacation and G. Joseph Tauro's trip to Italy; and numerous photographs of G. Joseph Tauro, including several from his wedding in 1929 and a series dated from the 1950s to 1960s including notables such as President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ted Kennedy.  There are also several film slides of G. Joseph Tauro in Europe.

Printed material includes reviews, newsletters, and journals.  Also included is a reference text entitled "The Association of Trial Lawyers of America: Civil Reference Material"; appeals and findings of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court from 1970 to 1974; an article written by Tauro titled "Graduate Law School Training in Trial Advocacy: A New Solution To An Old Problem" from July 197;, and a profile of Tauro from Brown Alumni Magazine from 2000.

Audio material in the collection includes cassette tapes regarding "Oral History Project"; a record of "Playing the Field/Why Don’t They Understand" by Tony Congliaro; "The Voice of Modern Trials" by Melvin M. Belli; tapes regarding a BU School of Law, Charlie Morrissey interview; and other cassettes.  Also present are film reels of G. Joseph Tauro's trip through Europe in 1951.

Personal memorabilia includes an invitation, program, and transcript for the presentation of a portrait of Judge Joseph L. Tauro to the United States District Court, January 29, 1999; two plaques, business cards, copies of political cartoons; blueprints of the courthouse; and various diplomas, honorary degrees, and certificates regarding both Joseph L. Tauro and G. Joseph Tauro.  Also included are notebooks of phone numbers, one including holograph notes from 1958.

The collection also holds a large amount of personal and professional material related to Joseph L. Tauro’s father, G. Joseph Tauro.  Professional material includes speeches including general notes and background articles, dating from 1963 to 1978, and subject files, correspondence, and other legal materials dating from 1959 to 1978.  Personal materials include a judge’s robe, academic regalia, framed certificates dated from 1961 to 1962, a passport, an Establishment Notice of the honorable G. Joseph Tauro advocacy award 1975 by the moot court board, a National Alumni Council of Boston University appointment of G. Joseph Tauro from 1971, and a funeral record book.  Also included is manuscript material regarding the Oral History Project of G. Joseph Tauro; interviewers for the project include Robert L. Oakley and David B. Grahek, and interviewees include William Schwartz, Walter H. McLaughlin Sr., Edward F. Hennessey, Paul J. Liacos, William G. Young, John F. Burke, John A. Volpe, and G. Joseph Tauro himself.
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