Taylor, Andrew (1951- )
The Andrew Taylor collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, subject files, notebooks, and a journal.

Manuscripts include drafts, notes, and research for his books, as well as short stories and television scripts. The books include novels from the Dougal series; the Blaines trilogy; the Lydmouth series; the Roth trilogy; other crime and thriller novels; and young adult novels.

From the Dougal series, the collection includes Caroline Minuscule (1982); Our Fathers' Lies (1985); Freelance Death (1988); Blood Relations (1991); The Sleeping Policeman (1992); and Odd Man Out (1993).

From the Blaines trilogy, the collection includes The Second Midnight (1987); Blacklist (1988); and Toyshop (1990).

From the Lydmouth series, the collection includes An Air That Kills (1994); The Mortal Sickness (1996); The Lover of the Grave (1997); The Suffocating Night (1998); Where Roses Fade (2000); Death's Own Door (2001); Naked to the Hangman (2006), as well as assorted other draft pages.

From the Roth trilogy, the collection includes The Four Last Things (1997); The Judgment of Strangers (1998); and The Office of the Dead (2000).

Other novels include The Raven on the Water (1991); The Barred Window (1993); The American Boy (2003); A Stain on the Silence (2006); Bleeding Heart Square (2009); The Anatomy of Ghosts (2011); and A Freelance Murder (unpublished). Young adult novels include Hairline Cracks (1988); Snapshot Double Exposure (1989); Negative Image (1992); and The Invader (1994).

Short stories include "The Cost of Living;" "The Woman Who Loved Elizabeth David;" "Keeping My Head;" and "William’s Folder." Television scripts include two episodes from a never aired series entitled "Dougal."

Correspondence in the collection consists of twelve email printouts to Andrew Taylor regarding The American Boy and fourteen other emails regarding editing comments from 2007.

The printed materials in the collection includes book covers; articles and reviews about Andrew Taylor and his works; two essays by Andrew Taylor ("Vile Bodies: The Lure of Crime Fiction" from Books and Company and "The Books They Couldn’t Kill" from The New York Times); and assorted promotional materials, event programs, and internet printouts.

Subject files in the collection consist of various materials regarding The American Boy and Call the Dying.

Notebooks within the collection regard many of Taylor’s novels, including Raven on the Water; The Sleeping Policeman; The Barred Window; The American Boy; Call the Dying; and A Stain on the Silence.  Notebooks also include general notes for a "Dougal" story, as well as notes and drafts for unprinted titles like Gentleman Must Depose and Raptor.

The collection also includes an undated journal of a trip Taylor took to Crete.
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