Taylor, Phoebe Atwood (1909-1976)
The Phoebe Atwood Taylor collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, legal material, financial material, artwork, and other material.

Manuscripts by Taylor consist of drafts of novels with corrections and printer’s marks and a large collection of books from Taylor's library. The drafts include The Cape Cod Mystery (1931); Death Lights a Candle (1932); The Deadly Sunshade (1940); Six Iron Spiders (1942); Going, Going, Gone (1943); Diplomatic Corpse (1951); and two novels Dead Ernest (1944) and File for Record (1943) published under the pseudonym Alice Tilton. The books include fifteen signed copies of her own work as well as over fifty books from other authors.

Correspondence includes personal and professional letters and telegrams to and from Phoebe Atwood Taylor from the years 1917-1962. The bulk of the personal correspondence includes personal letters and two telegrams from Margaret Mitchell to Taylor between 1941 and 1944.
Personal memorabilia consists of family material school reports, three travel notebooks from 1950 to 1954, and an appointment calendar from 1964. The family materials include letters from the 1800's and a photocopy of her husband's, Dr. Grantley W. Taylor, will. Her school reports from 1921, 1923-24, and 1926 as well as one without a date in Latin School; and her time at Barnard College, undated.

The printed materials in the collection consists of  short fiction pieces, book dummies, book reviews, and an essay by Sister Rafael Tilton in The Armchair Detective titled "Little Known Author Previews 'World of Tomorrow'" in copies of the journals where they were originally published. The short fiction includes stories published in Detective Novel Magazine, The American, and The Star Weekly.

Research material in the collection consists of notes on Edaville Railroad and firearms, a map of Cape Cod dated 1905, as well as correspondence and printed material related to her novels
The professional material in the collection consists of correspondence with agents.
Legal materials in the collection consists of contracts, some regarding foreign book rights.
The financial material in the collection consists of royalty statements for her books.
Artwork from the collection of Phoebe Atwood Taylor consists of a design for the dustjacket of File for Record in pastel, charcoal, and pencil.

Other material in the collection includes a photograph album with the signature of Alice Stephens containing pictures of family, friends, men in Civil War uniform, U.S. Presidents, paintings, and drawings. These photographs include pictures of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln.
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1. Taylor, Phoebe Atwood, 1909-1976
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