Terrall, Robert (1914-2009)
The Robert Terrall collection consist of manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia printed material, professional material, research material, legal material, financial material, photographs, and notebooks.

Manuscripts include articles, reviews, essays, plays, short stories, college academic papers, and novels. Material from the novels includes drafts, proofs, and notes on the works The Destroyers; Luck Be a Lady (1979); Something Wicked; Totalled; Sand Dollars (1978); Venus Examined (1968); The Wow Factor (1970); and Wrap it in Flags (1986). Play manuscripts include Deal; Dragonfly; A Farre about Diplomats; Fuegia's Voyage; Hideaway; and In a Nutshell. Short stories and articles include those written in during his college years and a number of works written throughout his life. Four academic papers are also part of the collections: "A Literary Criticism Theme No. IV;" "Mrs. Dalloway Becomes Self-Conscious;" "Picture Ideas;" and "The Theory of Poetry, I'm Afraid.".

Correspondence consists of approximately 25 personal letters to and from Terrall between 1933 and 1999 and extensive professional letters from 1934 and 2002. Notable among these professional letters: ten rejection letters from The New Yorker and Time; and miscellaneous letters regarding college, books, editing, agents, essays, publishers, and submissions.

Personal memorabilia consists of report cards, three certificates awarding scholarships, children's drawings, and pages regarding children's stories.

Printed materials held in the collections includes periodicals, magazine articles, book jackets, newsletters, articles, reviews, and the Penguin Books catalog for January. 1986.

Professional materials consist of information on his books (date and length); reviews, contracts, and correspondence regarding his books including Sand Dollars and Venus Examined and the Shayne series; a list of review statements regarding Wrap it in Flags; and a resume.

Research materials pertain to the short stories and essays "Cruise of the Beagle;" "Ephemera;" "Real Estate in General;" "Three Insider Interviews;" and "Union Dime Sequence" as well as research on the two novels The Steps of the Quarry and They Deal in Death.

Legal material consists of contracts and other material regarding Terrall's novels.

Financial material consists of an Aldo Garzanti Editore bill, a booklet on retirement plans, a library plan bill, and an income account book.

Photographs consist of three black and white prints of Terrall and his father at the Brock Monument in 1927.

The collection also includes four notebooks from 1952 to 1962 containing research for his works.
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