Thurman, Howard (1900-1981)
The Howard Thurman collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, subject files, printed material, audio recordings, and other material.and other items.

Manuscripts by Thurman in the collection include his books Deep River (1945); The Negro Spiritual Speaks of Life and Death (1947); Meditations for Apostles of Sensitiveness (1948); Jesus and the Disinherited (1949); Deep Is the Hunger (1951); The Creative Encounter (1954); Apostles of Sensitiveness (1956); The Growing Edge (1956); Footprints of a Dream (1959); The Inward Journey (1961); Mysticism and the Experience of Love (1961); Disciplines of the Spirit (1963); The Luminous Darkness (1965); The Search for Common Ground (1966); The Centering Moment (1969); The Search For Common Ground (1971); The Great Incarnate Words (booklet, 1972); The First Footprints (1975); It's All Right to Love You (proposal only, 1975); his autobiography With Head and Heart (1980); and A Track to the Water’s Edge: The Olive Schreiner Reader (1973), edited by Thurman. Also present in the collection are numerous addresses (1936-1980), essays (1928-1981), lectures (1939-1980), eulogies (1946-1980); "meditations" (1945-1962), poems, sermons (1932-1977), interviews (1976-1980), outlines, introductions, notes, and other shorter manuscripts by Thurman, dating from the 1936 to 1980; these items include Thurman’s writing journals containing sermons and notes (1930s-1940s) and transcriptions of Thurman’s sermons (1950s-1970s).  In addition, the collection includes drafts of two unpublished works, Fellowship Church and The Howard Thurman Reader; some of Thurman's writings as a student (1922, 1925-1926) and as an educator (1947-1970); three dissertations about Howard Thurman, other dissertations on various topics, and student papers (1935-1979).

Manuscripts by others in the collection include numerous essays, articles, poems, sermons, and other writings by various authors.  These include printed and manuscript pieces by James Baldwin, Lerone Bennett, Harold C. Case, Walter Fluker, John Hope Franklin, Mahatma Gandhi, Walter Muelder, A.J. Muste, Olive Schreiner, Elizabeth Yates, and many others.

Correspondence in the collection includes personal and professional letters, dating from 1917 to 1990 (mostly 1930-1980). Significant sections of the correspondence pertain to the Thurman Family, Howard University, Boston University, the Howard Thurman Educational Trust, San Francisco, speaking engagements, the Fellowship Church, CORE, and various other organizations and individuals. Notable correspondents include Sue Bailey Thurman, Langston Hughes, Martin Luther King, Jr., Coretta Scott King, Alex Haley, Elizabeth Yates, Mordecai Wyatt Johnson, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Mary McLeod Bethune, Pearl S. Buck, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Bayard Rustin, Al Capp, Maynard Jackson, Edward Brooke, Lerone Bennett, Ralph Abernathy, Sargent Shriver, Alex Haley, Vernon Jordan, Manning Marable, Benjamin E. Mays, Anne Braden, and several others.

Subject files in the collection consist of files arranged by Thurman around specific topics, and containing a variety of materials. Subjects mostly pertain to Howard University (1934-1941); the Pilgrimage of Friendship (1934-1936); the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples (1944-1980s); and Boston University (1951-1980); various organizations and institutions, including the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the National Council on Religion in Higher Education, the Pacific School of Religion, and the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE); various colleges and universities, including Colgate Rochester Divinity School, Morehouse College, Spelman College, and the University of Ibadan; various churches; various individuals; racial and religious tensions; and various other subjects, including adult education, Africa, music, and several topics relating to higher education, race, religion, civil rights, and non-violence.
Printed material in the collection includes numerous newspaper clippings and magazine articles, mostly pertaining to the topics of the civil rights movement, race relations, religion, politics, education, and international relations.  The material dates from the 1930s to the 1990s.  Also present are various periodicals received by Howard Thurman (1935-1975), as well as various pamphlets, programs, and miscellaneous items.  In addition, the papers include a large
collection of poetry, prose, and quotations from various sources; and collections of miscellaneous poems.

Audio recordings in the collection mainly consist of numerous recordings of Thurman’s sermons, on open reel recordings and audio cassettes. These date from the 1950s to the 1980s. Other recordings are also present, including seminars, services, and interviews with various individuals conducted by Howard and Sue Bailey Thurman, and Thurman’s memorial service in 1981.

Other material in the collection includes Thurman’s travel diary (ca. 1935) and other journals; scrapbooks; professional material; legal material; financial material; medical records; artwork; notebooks; photographs; and other items.
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1. Thurman, Howard, 1900-1981
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