Tiede, Tom (1937-2016)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The collection of Tom Tiede consist of manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed material, research material, photographs, notebooks, among other materials.

The manuscript material in the collection consists of books, articles, and television scripts by Tiede. The books include drafts and various other related materials from Coward (1968); Calley, Soldier or Killer? (1971); Shaman (1974); Self-Help Nation (2001); and the unpublished manuscript Hell’s Angels.

The manuscript series also includes drafts of articles ranging from 1960 to 1975. Titles include "Aetherius Society;"  "Death Penalty;" "Astronauts Home Town" (with subheadings of "Aldrin" and "Armstrong"); "Chappaquidick Effect;" "Gun Law Foe;" "Language of Confrontation;" "Prisoners of War;" "Sex Murders;" "UN General Assembly;" "Women Astronauts;" "Abortion;" "The Average Taxpayer;" "Dr. Rock;" "Mr. Middle Cla$$;" "Back to Cuba;" and many more.

Other manuscript material includes a television script from the 1967 Columbus town meeting in which Tiede was a participant.

Correspondence in the collection include a number fan letters from 1965 1975. The series also includes professional letters and telegrams pertaining to Tiede’s research and publishing, notably a telegram from Robert F. Kennedy; correspondence with members of the Newspaper Enterprise Association; and a letter from the Newspapers Enterprise Association explaining Tiede’s position and purpose in Vietnam in the event of enemy capture. Also notable are correspondence with Abu Sayeed Chowdhury, President of Bangladesh; Brian Corcoran, Press Secretary to Senator Henry Jackson; Gerald L. Warren, Deputy Press Secretary to the White House; and Pyong-choon Hahm, South Korean Ambassador to the U.S.

Printed material in the collection includes newspaper and magazine articles from 1965 to 1975, regarding Vietnam and many other topics. Short stories include "The Story of Twist and Bodkins," published in Golf Digest, 1964.

Other printed material includes promotional materials, copies of letters praising Tiede’s coverage of the Vietnam War, articles about Tiede, book reviews, and  articles, nominations, and announcements regarding Tiede’s awards including the Ernie Pyle Award (1965), the George Polk Memorial Award (nominated 1974), and the Headliner Award (1966).

Research material consists of notes as well as newspaper and magazine clippings pertaining to topics of Tiede’s articles, speeches, and books with focus on the Apollo missions, geographical locations from Alaska to Germany, and publishing,.

Photographic material in the collection includes a series of photographs of Tiede with various people including his family and subjects of articles he wrote; the collection also contains a large number of photos of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Notebooks in the collection contain research and notes from 1969 to 1975 and range in topic from the Vietnam War to the national debt, from Native American history to social justice.

Miscellaneous materials in the collection include a Client Service Bulletin from the Newspaper Enterprise Association  and an Honorary Convict certificate from Techachapi, California dated 1971 . The collection also includes royalty statements from 1969 to 1970.
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