Tracy, Don (1905-1976)
The Don Tracy collection consists of manuscripts, scrapbooks, and printed material.

Manuscripts by Tracy in the collection include drafts of his books (all published by Dial except where noted) Chesapeake Cavalier (1949); Crimson is the Eastern Shore (1953); Roanoke Renegade (1954);
Carolina Corsair (1955); Captain Little Axe (Lippincott, 1956); Cherokee (1957); On the Midnight Tide (1957); The Big Blackout (Detective Book Club, 1959); Pride of Possession (Lippincott, 1960); No Trespassing (Lippincott, 1961); Naked She Died (Pocket Books, 1962); Deadly To Bed (Pocket Books, 1962); The Hated One (Trident Press, 1963); The Big Brass Ring (Trident Press, 1963); Fun and Deadly Games (Pocket Books, 1968); The Last Boat Out of Cincinnati (Trident Press, 1970); and The Black Amulet (unpublished).Drafts of books written under the name “Roger Fuller” include Sign of the Pagan (Dial, 1954); On the Double (Dial, 1962); Who Killed Sweet Betsy? co-written with Ediths Sommer (Pocket Books, 1964); The Timeless Serpent (Trident Press, 1965); Again Peyton Place (Pocket Books, 1967); Carnival in Peyton Place (Trident Press, 1967); Hero in Peyton Place (1968); Miracle of Peyton Place; Pleasures of Peyton Place; and The Wicked Ones of Peyton Place.
Drafts of books written under the name "Barnaby Ross" (published by Pocket Books except where noted) include The Scrolls of Lysis (Trident Press, 1962); Strange Kinship (1965); The Cree from Minatree (1965); and The Passionate Queen (1966). Drafts of books written for F. Van Wyck Mason (published by Doubleday) include Zanzibar Intrigue (1961) and Secret Mission to Burma (1962).
Drafts of other books include Who Killed Beau Sparrow? writing as “John Meredyth Lucas” (Pocket Books, 1963); and Middlebend, writing as “Carolyn MacDonald” (Trident Press, 1970). Other manuscripts in the collection include several short stories for the “Saturday Evening Post Animal Fantasies” series (1949-1960), as well as various short stories published in American, Grit, Saturday Evening Post, and The Star Weekly.

Scrapbooks in the collection consist of two items. One scrapbook contains newspaper clippings of articles by Tracy from the years 1929 and 1930.

Printed material in the collection consists of various newspaper and magazine clippings saved by Tracy. Several are the published versions of articles, short stories, novellas, or condensed novels by Tracy, written under various pseudonyms.These items date from 1937 to 1960.
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