Trecker, Janice Law (1941- )
The Janice Law Trecker collection consists of manuscripts and printed material.

Manuscripts consist of drafts of Trecker's novels, non-fiction works, short stories, and articles. Novels include Time Lapse (1992); Backfire (1994); Cross-Check (1997); The Night Bus (2000); The Lost Diaries of Iris Weed (2002); Voices (2003); and the non-fiction piece Discovering Hampton: A Guide with History (2000).

Short stories in the collection include "Pigskill;" "Therapy;" "Lions on the Lawn;" "Blood in the Water;" "The City of Radiant Brides;" "The Snake Charmer;" "The Garden Tour;" The Man Kali Visited;" "Star of the Silver Screen;" "The Helpful Stranger;" "The Archaeologist's Revenge;" "Tabloid Press;" "Enemies;" "A Life in Books;" and "Ghost Writer" among many titles.

Articles in the collection consist of "The Ecstatic Epistemology of ‘Song of Myself;' "Making Monsters;" and "Transcendental Monsters."

Printed material in the collection consists of page proofs of Voices and the Fall 2011 issue of The Midwest Quarterly journal.
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