Tregaskis, Richard (1916-1973)
The collection of Richard Tregaskis consists of manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed material, research material, film and video, audio material, photographs, artwork, diaries and journals, and notebooks.

The manuscripts in the collection consist of outlines, drafts, proof sheets, and notes of Tregaskis’ books and articles as well as the book American Faces Defeat (1972) by Walt W. Lewis. Books in the collection include Guadalcanal Diary (1943); Last Plane to Shanghai (1961); X-15 Diary: The Story of America’s First Space Ship (1961); John F. Kennedy and PT-109 (1962); Vietnam Diary (1963); China Bomb (1967); The Warrior King: Hawaii’s Kamehameha the Great (1974); and Vietnam Diary II: The Miracle of Building in the War (1975). Other manuscript material includes the humorous article “Scenario for Guadalcanal Diary” and “A Name to Remember Guadalcanal.”

Correspondence include letters both personal and professional from 1941 to 1944. They include correspondence from Tregaskis’ parents to Barry Faris (editor of the International News Service); letters regarding a 15th anniversary article for Guadalcanal Diaries called “Guadalcanal from Here” as well as other correspondence regarding anniversary and memorial material for Guadalcanal; and correspondence regarding Tregaskis’ receiving of the Purple Heart.

Personal memorabilia includes a document expressing appreciation to Tregaskis for his book John F. Kennedy and PT-109 from the Pacific Northwest Library Association (1965); Tregaskis’ correspondent’s identification card as well as regulations for correspondents accompanying U.S. Armed Forces; and the business card of Jack B. Tenney, California State Senator.

Printed material in the collection includes articles, printed books, and book jackets. Articles include “Tenaru Front” (1943), published in Infantry Journal; a number of articles and news stories regarding Guadalcanal, the Solomon Islands, and Italy; and the magazines Western’s World (1970), The Continental Magazine (volume 2), and Los Angeles Times (1968-1970); and book reviews of Tregaskis’ books.

Other printed material includes different copies of Guadalcanal Diary including the picture book and abridged version as well as printed articles concerning a number of military topics.

Research material consists of notes, genealogical charts, index cards, military material, and maps. Notable are genealogical charts of Kamehameha the Great for the novel The Warrior King; military dispatches and press releases from Guadalcanal; and accounts and official material from other places during World War II.

Film and video material in the collection consist of seven films concerning the development of the Boeing 707 airplane; one VHS tape of an interview with Major William Pitts regarding surgery he performed on Tregaskis during World War II; and one VHS tape labeled “Concerning Guadalcanal Diary” (2001).

Photographic material consists of pictures used in Tregaskis’ books and research as well as seven photographs of him in his war correspondent’s uniform.

Artwork in the collection consists of one charcoal sketch of Tregaskis and his wife; a charcoal portrait of Tregaskis’ in his correspondent’s uniform; and a sketch of Tregaskis in combat.

Audio material in the collection consists of seven tapes including interviews with naval personnel and civilians concerning construction in Southeast Asia during the Indochina War.

Diaries in the collection include many originally used in Guadalcanal Diary and other conflicts ranging from 1942 to 1962. These diaries include Tregaskis’ accounts of the Tasimboko raid with the Marine First Raider battalion (1942) and details of war in the Pacific (1943).

Notebooks include notes and research for a number of topics and writings including one labeled “Notes for stories” and another covering an air-sea battle in the Solomon Islands.

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