Trevino, Elizabeth Borton de (1904-2001)
The collection of Elizabeth Borton de Trevino contains manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, research material, and scrapbooks.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of drafts; outlines; notes; and alternative, unused or unpublished material of Trevino's books, stories, and articles. Books include My Heart Lies South (1953); I, Juan de Pareja (1965); The Fourth Gift (1966); Casilda of the Rising Moon (1967); Turi's Poppa (1968); Here is Mexico (1970); The House on Bitterness Street (1970); Beyond the Gates of Hercules: A Tale of the Lost Atlantis (1971); The Music Within (1973); Juarez, Man of Law (1974); Hearthstone of my Heart (1977); The Heart Possessed (1978); and Among the Innocent (1981).

Other manuscript material in the collection  includes articles and short stories. Articles include a series celebrating Mexican women; "A Changing Sisterhood;" and "The Seven Dolls." Short stories include "The White Uniform;" "The Blood Chit;" "Enchanted Summer;" "The Last Dragon;" "Secret of the Wall;" "Miss Salsify's Travels;" and "Meetoo, the Last Dragon."

Manuscripts also include a dissertation by Patricia Selby Vickers on de Trevino titled "Mexico in the Works of Elizabeth Borton de Trevino" (1972); the undated work Mexican Mamacita; a musical comedy adaptation of My Heart Lies South by Frank Wattron; ten book proposals for published and unpublished works; and a short biography of de Trevino (1963).

Correspondence in the collection consist of personal and professional letters from 1957 to 1976.  These include fan letters, many from children, dated 1966 to 1968; letters with de Trevino's agent Virginia Price and editors Margaret Cousins; among others.

Printed material in the collection consists of magazines  which include short stories by de Trevino and reviews of de Trevino's works from 1928 to 1983. Publications such as Ladies Home Journal; Women's Illustrated; Colliers; Boston Herald; Boy's Life; Reader's Digest; and the Saturday Evening Post can also be found in the collection. The series also includes reviews of de Trevino's works from The New York Times Book Review; Boston Herald; Herald Tribune Book Review; Chicago Tribune;  The Dallas News; Los Angeles Examiner; Sunday Chicago Times; and New York Herald Tribune.

Other material in the collection includes research material about the Mexican Revolution and a scrapbook of clippings by de Trevino for the Boston Herald from 1928 to 1932.
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1. Trevino, Elizabeth Borton de, 1904-2001
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