Trevor, Elleston (1920-1995) and Jonquil (1917-1986)
The Elleston and Jonquil Trevor collection consists of manuscripts, photographs, notebooks, personal memorabilia, printed materials, correspondence, and legal material.

Manuscripts in the collection include novels, plays, and screenplays by Elleston Trevor (under various pseudonyms), and short pieces by both Elleston and Jonquil Trevor.   Novels by Elleston Trevor include Flight of the Phoenix (1964), The Shoot (1966), The Freebooters (1967), A Place for the Wicked (1968), Bury Him Among Kings (1969), A Cage of Ice (1970), Just Before Dawn (1972), and The Night Stop (1975).  Novels by Elleston Trevor under the pseudonym Adam Hall include The Berlin Memorandum (1965), The Quiller Memorandum (1966), The 9th Directive (1966), A Blaze of Arms (1967), The Striker Portfolio (1969), The Warsaw Document (1970), The Tango Briefing (1973), and The Mandarin Cypher (1975).   Also included, a novel under the pseudonym Simon Rattray, Bishop in Check (1961), and a novel under the pseudonym Howard North, Expressway (1973).   Most novels include early copies, drafts, clippings, promotional materials, and author's notes.

Plays in the collection include two undated drafts titled "The Clock" and "Mr. Lightfoot."  Screenplays include an unfinished screenplay titled Woman of Straw (1964), a TV script for "Murder by All Means" (1960), and film treatment notes for the novels Flight of the Phoenix (1964), The 9th Directive (1966), Just Before Dawn (1972), and Expressway (1973).

Short pieces by Elleston Trevor include numerous short stories, articles, and BBC broadcasts, including an anthology entitled Elleston Trevor Miscellany (1944), the stories "The Chicken Switch" (1965) and "They're Making A Mistake" (1976), and numerous others.  Short pieces by Jonquil Trevor include "The Clock That Couldn't Count" (1961), "Tugboat Matilda" (1963), "Smokey Joe" (1963), and "The Lonely Cactus" (1963).

Photographs in the collection include photographs of Elleston and Jonquil Trevor along with their son, Peregrine, dating from 1962 to 1963.  There are also photographs related to the film Flight of the Phoenix (1965) and a photograph from the world premier of "The Quiller Memorandum" in 1966.

Notebooks in the collection include outline and plot books for The Big Pickup (1955), Squadron Airborne (1955), Gale Force (1956), and Captain Villiers.  There are also research notes related to The Billboard Madonna (1960), The Volcanoes of San Domingo (1963), Expressway (1973), The Paragon (1975), The Fall Guy, and the plays "Squadron Airborne" (1955) and "The Ballad of Trudy Lee."

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes clippings, photographs, and printed pieces on the Centre D'Art, a school founded by the Trevors in October 1964.  Also included is a citation to Jonquil Trevor from the Concours de Tables Dressees et Fleuries, daily calendars from 1968 and 1969, and a Defence Medal from World War II awarded to Corporal Trevor Dudley-Smith.

Printed materials include publicity, news clippings, magazines, proofs, and scrapbooks related to Elleston Trevor's published works.  Also included are articles with interviews of Elleston Trevor; a program containing Elleston Trevor's "best wishes" from 1967; newsclippings regarding Trevor's son Peregrine's paintings from 1969, playbills and posters regarding "Touch of Purple" (1971); and numerous copies of Reader's Digest in various languages containing condensed versions of The Flight of the Phoenix.

Correspondence in the collection is primarily professional, dates from 1966 to 1975, and includes letters between Elleston and Jonquil Trevor and publishers.

Legal material in the collection includes Elleston Trevor's British passport dated 1958, Elleston Trevor's driving license dated 1952-1968, and Jonquil Trevor's driving license dated 1962-1965.
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