Truax, Rhoda (1901-2000)
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The collection of Rhoda Truax consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, legal material, and photographs.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of drafts of her novels and historical works, short stories, plays, articles, translations, and miscellaneous incomplete work. These include Joseph Lister, Father of Modern Surgery (1944); True Adventures of Doctors (1954); Pluck in Petticoats (published as Winds of Change under the pseudonym Rhoda Wyngard in 1955); With Equal Grace (1964); and The Doctors Warrens: First Family of Surgery (1968).

Manuscripts in the collection also include translations of Doctors and Dynasty of Doctors in Italian and Spanish.

Manuscripts of short stories, plays, and articles include "Joseph Lister" (written for Collier’s Encyclopedia); biographical sketches of American Jews in commerce and industry written at the request of Irving Zieman; the play The Best of Everything; and an article she ghost-wrote for Howard S. Cullman, "Forward Planning in Public Service." Also included is an outline for a book on psychiatry; the never completed draft for a work called The Symbols and Stories in Masterpieces of Art; and assorted other fragments.

Correspondence include personal and professional letters to and from Truax between 1932 and 1994. Notable are letters to and from collaborators such as Howard S. Cullman and Irving Zieman and letters to and from Cyril Clemens dated 1952.

Printed material in the collection includes articles, reviews, and stories by and about Truax from 1939 and 1970. This includes the article "Dynasty of Doctors" in The Baltimore Sun and "Carl Koller and Cocaine" by Hortense Koller Becker.

Legal material includes royalty statements from Little Brown publishing company from 1950 to 1954 as well as contracts for her works This Dynasty of Doctors; Joseph Lister; The Doctors Jacobi; True Adventures of Doctors; and Pluck in Petticoats.

Photographic material includes 22 black and white photos of Rhoda Truax from 1926 to 1996, including one print of Truax with Willie Mays.

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