Tully, Andrew (1914-1993)

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The Andrew Tully collection consists of manuscripts, research material, printed material, correspondence, and scrapbooks.

Manuscripts consist of drafts of Tully’s books, including Treasury Agent (1958); Supreme Court (1963); FBI’s Most Famous Cases (1965); Time of the Hawk (1967); White Tie and Dagger (1967); Super Spies (1969); Secret War Against Dope (1973); The Brahmin Arrangement (1974); Berlin, Story of a Battle (1977); and Inside the FBI (1980), among others. Also includes typescript of Tully’s dispatch to Boston Traveler regarding the Russian invasion of Berlin from 1945, as well as a manuscript of an unpublished collection of Tully’s best columns put together in 1988.

Research material for Tully’s books Yankee Salesman (1949), Treasury Agent (1958), CIA: The Inside Story (1962), Supreme Court (1963), Where Did Your Money Go? (1964), FBI’s Most Famous Cases (1965), Time of the Hawk (1967), White Tie and Dagger (1967), Super Spies (1969), Secret War Against Dope (1973), When They Burned the White House (1974), The Brahmin Arrangement (1974), and Inside the FBI (1980) are included in this series.

Printed material includes page proofs of Tully’s books, including: Era of Elegance (1947), Yankee Salesman (1949), Treasury Agent (1958), White Tie and Dagger (1967), Secret War Against Dope (1973), as well as galleys for Super Spies (1969), The Brahmin Arrangement (1974), and Inside the FBI (1980). Also included are newspaper columns by Tully published in Capital Fare from 1969 to 1987, and Tully’s self-syndicated column from 1969. Also present are publicity and book reviews regarding various books written by Tully.

Correspondence ranges from the 1950s to 1980s, with notable correspondents including: Dean Acheson, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jacqueline Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Harry Truman, and William Webster.

Scrapbooks include several scrapbooks of war dispatches by Tully which appeared in the Boston Traveler from 1944 to 1945, as well as a scrapbook regarding Tully’s 1955 trip to Russia.

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1. Tully, Andrew, 1914-1993
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