Turnbull, Agnes Sligh (1888-1982)

The Agnes Sligh Turnbull collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, notebooks, memorabilia, correspondence, and photographs.

Manuscripts in the collection include novel drafts, short stories, articles, and speeches. Early drafts for The Day Must Dawn (1942), The Bishop’s Mantle (1947), The Wedding Bargain (1966), The Flowering (1972), The Richlands (1974), and The Winds of Love (1977) are included. Many of Turnbull’s short stories, often with corrections, include “In Such a Night,” “Little Christmas,” “Poor Mr. Martin,” “She’s Doing Her Own Work,” and “This Simple Accident.” Turnbull’s commencement address given at the University of Indiana in 1953 is also included.

Printed material in the collection include galley proofs, magazines, posters, programs, and newspaper clippings. Galley proofs are included for The Gown of Glory (1952), The Golden Journey (1955), Jed, the Shepard’s Dog (1957), The Nightingale (1960), The King’s Orchard (1963), The Wedding Bargain (1966), and Many a Green Isle (1968). Magazines containing Turnbull’s published work are included, such as The American, Christian Herald, The Farmer’s Wife, Good Housekeeping, Publishers’ Weekly, Reader’s Digest, Suburban Life, and Women’s World. Posters include publicity posters for The Rolling Years and Nightingale. Newspaper clippings consist of various reviews of and advertisements for Turnbull’s novels. There is also a program for the ceremony dedicating the Agnes Sligh Turnbull Hall at Indiana State College in 1963. 

Notebooks in the collection pertain to several of Turnbull’s books, including The Gown of Glory (1952), The Kings Orchard (1963), The Wedding Bargain (1966), and Many a Green Isle (1968).

Memorabilia in the collection includes two awards given to Turnbull by the New Jersey Association of Teachers of English, dating 1964 and 1972. Correspondence in the collection is mostly professional, and includes letters sent to Turnbull from Macmillan Publishers. A small number of photographs are also included in the collection.

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