Turner, Steven (1923-1992)

The Steven Turner collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, professional material, photographs and correspondence.

Manuscripts consist of typescript drafts of Turner’s novels, All Other Lovers, One Fight More, That Time of Year, and To Shun the Heaven, as well as drafts and other materials related to A Measure of Dust (1970).  Also includes drafts of uncompleted novels, including: Cipango, “Desert” Novel, and Remainder Novel. The series also includes Turner’s short stories and plays, including “A Nail in the Heel” (1967), and non-fiction writing by Turner published from 1950 to 1971.

Printed material consists of an obituary for Turner.

Professional material includes an acting and writing resume.

Photographs consists of family photographs and prints of Turner.

Correspondence includes letters to publishers, war letters to Dean Turner, and letters to Cal Turner.

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1. Turner, Steven
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