Uhnak, Dorothy (1930-2006)
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The Dorothy Uhnak collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, printed materials, professional materials, personal memorabilia, and legal and financial material

Manuscripts in the collection include drafts of novels, short stories, and television synopses.  Novels in the collection include Policewoman (1964), The Bait (1968), The Witness (1969), The Ledger (1970), Law and Order (1973), The Investigation (1977), The Crime (1980), False Witness (1981), Losers Take All (1986), Victims (1986), Codes of Betrayal (1991), and The Ryer Avenue Story (1993), as well as undated manuscripts for And Seek The Dark Places, The Marginal Man, and An Unreasonable Doubt.  Most drafts include author’s notes, corrections, and reviews.

Short stories include "The Music" (1947), "The Door in the Middle" (1949), "Young Couple" (1951), "Annie Flugel" (1953), "The Degenerate" (1959), "Identity" (1959), and numerous other undated stories.  There is also a short collection of poetry.

Television synopses are undated and include titles "Lady Cop," "The Acting Sergeant," "Dream Me a Dream: Wish Me a Wish," "For the People: In What Direction Towards What Goal?", "And What About Elena?" and an episode of Twilight Zone entitled "It Would Be So Nice to Have You For Our Friends."

Correspondence is primarily business-related and dates from 1951 to 2006.   Notables include Karamoko Baye, Michael Korda, Regis Philbin, Liz Schertz, and Uhnak’s daughter Tracy.

Photographs in the collection include several black and white photographs of Dorothy Uhnak in a police uniform, and photographs of kittens, a Chicago bookstore display, and Paramount Pictures police actors in 1976.

Printed materials include reviews, publicity, news clippings, and other material related to Uhnak’s novels.

Professional materials include a production schedule for 1976, a press kit for The Investigation (1977), and files related to the production of Cagney and Lacey (1984-1987).

Personal memorabilia includes an exam book for a criminal justice course dated 1968.

Legal and financial material includes royalty earnings, property evaluation, and asset statements dated from 1979 to 2005, auction papers for The Investigation (1980-1986), the last will and testament of Dorothy Uhnak dated 1991, book contracts dated from 1994 to 1997, an options agreement from 1995, "St. Martin’s Statements" dated 1996, property indenture date from 2003 to 2011, and various undated files regarding foreign book contracts.

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1. Uhnak, Dorothy
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