Underwood, Michael (1916-1992)
The Michael Underwood collection consists of manuscripts and correspondence.

Manuscripts in the collection include drafts of each of Underwood's novels contained in notebooks, including The Unprofessional Spy (1964), The Anxious Conspirator (1965), A Crime Apart (1966), The Man Who Died on Friday (1967), The Man Who Killed Too Soon (1968), The Shadow Game (1969), The Silent Liars (1970), Shem's Demise (1970), A Trout in the Milk (1971), Reward for a Defector (1973), A Pinch of Snuff (1974), The Juror (1975), Menaces, Menaces (1976), Murder with Malice (1977), The Fatal Trip (1977), Crooked Wood (1978), Anything But The Truth (1979), Smooth Justice (1979), A Clear Case of Suicide (1980), Victim of Circumstance (1980), Crime Upon Crime (1981), Hand of Fate (1981), Double Jeopardy (1982), Goddess of Death (1982), A Party to Murder (1983), Death in Camera (1984), The Hidden Man (1985), Death at Deepwood Grange (1986), The Uninvited Corpse (1987), The Injudicious Judge (1987), Dual Enigma (1988), A Compelling Case (1989), Rosa's Dilemma (1990), A Dangerous Business (1991), The Seeds of Murder (1993), and Guilty Conscience (1993), as well as an unfinished draft titled Mistaken Identity.

Correspondence in the collection is professional and includes letters between Underwood and agents and publishers, dating from 1950 to 1992.
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