Vance, John Holbrook [Jack Vance ] (1916-2013)
The Jack Vance collection consists of manuscripts and correspondence; the bulk of the collection is comprised of manuscripts.

Manuscripts in the collection are generally typed or carbon typed copies; most contain profuse holograph notes. In some cases, the verso of several pages for one manuscript contains Vance’s holograph notations for an entirely different story. Some titles also include galley proofs, setting copies, pages of corrections and notes.

Manuscripts for novels by Vance in the collection include Big Planet (Ace Books, 1957); The Man in the Cage (Random House, 1960); The Houses of Iszm (Ace Books, 1964); The Four Johns (Pocket Books, 1964); The Killing Machine (Berkeley Publishing, 1964); Space Opera (Pyramid Publications, 1965); The Brains of Earth (Ace Books, 1966); The Eyes of the Overworld (Ace Books, 1966); The Last Castle, a novella (Ace Books, 1967); The Pleasant Grove Murders (Bobbs-Merrill, 1967); The Palace of Love (Berkeley Publishing, 1967); City of the Chasch (Ace Books, 1968); The Planet Tschai Sequence (Ace Books, 1968-1970); Emphyrio (Doubleday, 1969); The Deadly Isles (Bobbs-Merrill, 1969); Eight Fantasms and Magic (Macmillan, 1969); Durdane Book I: The Anome (Dell, 1973); Durdane Book III: The Asutra (Dell, 1974); The Durdane Cycle (Dell, 1973-1974); Showboat World (Pyramid Publications, 1975); The House on Lily Street (Underwood-Merrill, 1979); and several works which may or may not have been published, including Milton Hack of Zodiac; King Kragen; The Narrow Land; The Secret; Sulwen’s Planet; The Miracle Workers; Morreion; Fat Hannah (outline for a novel); Lune XXIII South ; and "First Star I See Tonight" (short story).

Also included in the collection are Vance's twenty-three scripts for the television program Captain Video and his Video Rangers ( 1962-1963), as well as multiple drafts of teleplays for two episodes of The Planet Tschai, "Episode 3: The Dirdir" and "Episode No. 4: The Pnume."

Correspondence in the collection consists primarily of professional correspondence. Included are fifty-five rejection slips from various science fiction magazines and publishers; various letters from the editors of Ace Books, Amazing Fantastic Publications, Analog, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Galaxy, including Anthony Boucher and Frederick Pohl; approximately one hundred twenty business letters (1938-1951, 1968); fifty-five letters from literary agent Scott Meredith; and thirty-four letters from the publishing companies Bobbs-Merrill, Doublday, and Random House (1959-1968).

Personal correspondence includes approximately forty fan letters (1958-1970), including letters from Poul Anderson, Isaac Asimov, Lin Carter, and L. Sprague de Camp.
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