Vassilikos, Vassilis (1933- )
The Vassilis Vassilikos collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, financial material, legal material, and other items. Most of the material in this collection is in the Greek language.

Manuscripts of Vassilikos in the collection include novels, short story collections, poetry collection, plays, and other works.

Novels in the collection are primarily drafts and draft segments written in longhand notebooks. Titles present include The Plant; The Well; The Angel: A Trilogy (Knopf, 1964); Self-Slaughter; Café Emigrec; The European and the Beautiful; Z ; fragments and sections titled Journal of Z (Farrar, Straus, 1968); The Photographs (Harcourt, 1971); Outside the Walls (Harcourt, 1973); Harpoon-Gun (Harcourt, 1973); The Monarch (Bobbs-Merrill, 1976); Portrait of a Warrior ; and K (drafts and galley proofs).

Also present are English translations of several novels by various translators (some of these translations are incomplete), as well as drafts of other book-length works published in Greek and not yet available in English.

Short story collections include Outside the Walls; The Descent; Journal; Pieces on Exile (includes stories belonging to the collection Moved To An Unknown Address and also The Wandering Salesman ); Moved To An Unknown Address; Twenty Past Eight; The Wandering Salesman; National Anthem; I Know You From the Edge; and Fifty-Fifty .

Poetry collections include Bella Ciao; My Sun My Ataxerxes; Laka-Souli; Into the Night of Security; The Registrar ; and Meeting With the Sun .

Plays in the collection include Trial of Six; Epilogue: Why Hitler Won ; and Easter At Gargalianous .

Other manuscripts by Vassilikos in the collection includes several short stories, poems, notes, fragments, and notebooks.

Correspondence in the collection includes both personal and professional letters, dating from 1925 to 2004. Correspondents include Judith Chozianin, Ethel Cunningham, Mary Giorgio, Julian Miller, Clifford Randall, Dan Wickenden, Mary West, Cara Sheridan, Bill Jovanovich, Beverly Daver, and Nikos Vassilikos.
Printed material in the collection consist of newspaper and magazine articles by or about Vassilikos, dating from the late 1960s to 1989.

Many are Greek publications; also present are some English items from Time, Foreign Affairs, Scientific American, Town and Country, Women, and Reader’s Digest .

Financial material in the collection includes some royalty records, bank statements, receipts, a checkbook, and subject files primarily about financial accounts (files also include correspondence and newspaper articles).

Legal material in the collection includes several contracts (1966-1974) and several court records, including items regarding United States v. George V. Kostakas.

Other items in the collection include photocopied articles used for research purposes by Vassilikos; his journal for Aug. 13 – Sep. 30, 1978, titled "The Terrible Month of August"; several dozen photographs of Vassilils and Dimitra Vassilikos; paintings by Mimi Vassilikos; pastel drawings; several audio cassettes; fifteen video cassettes (VHS) regarding the George Kostakas trial; and various personal items belonging to Vassilikos, including passports, handbags, a coin purse, address books, chopsticks, keys and trinkets, and various souvenirs.

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