Wallace, Irving (1916-1990)
The Irving Wallace collection consist of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, photographs.

Manuscripts for novels by Wallace in the collection (all published by Simon and Schuster) include The Chapman Report (1960); The Prize (1961); The Man (1964; includes research material); The Plot (1967); The Seven Minutes (1969); The Word (1972); The Fan Club (1974); The R Document (1976; includes research material); and The Pigeon Project (1979).

Manuscripts for non-fiction books by Wallace include The Sunday Gentleman: A Biography of Daniel Defoe (unpublished, written ca. 1936); Japan’s Mein Kampf: Exposing Nippon’s Active Secret Plan for World Domination (unpublished; written 1941-1942); The Square Pegs: The Story of Americans Who Dared to Be Different (Knopf, 1957); The Fabulous Showman: The Life and Times of P.T. Barnum (Knopf, 1959; includes screenplay version by Robert Bassing); The Sunday Gentleman: A Portfolio of Unusual People (Simon and Schuster, 1965); The Writing of One Novel (Simon and Schuster, 1968); The Nympho and Other Maniacs (Simon and Schuster, 1971); and The Two (Simon and Schuster, 1978).
Manuscripts for works by Wallace and David Wallechinsky include The People’s Almanac (Doubleday, 1975) and The People’s Almanac Presents: The Book of Lists .

Manuscripts for screenplays and film treatments by Wallace include That’s My Baby (1944); Meet Me At the Fair (1952); Split Second (ca. 1953); Bad for Each Other (1954); Jump Into Hell (1955); The Burning Hills (1956); Bombers B-52 (1957); Paris Does Strange Things (1957); Gatling Gun ; and The Last Ride West.

Manuscripts for stage plays by Wallace include Man With the Golden Nose (1938); Murder By Morning (1938); and The Same Madman (1939). Other manuscripts in the collection include a teleplay titled "Man in the Moon," for the series Behind Closed Doors (1957); several short pieces (fiction and non-fiction); two early short stories; and a journal dated 1934-1935.

Printed material in the collection includes items published in various magazines, including Cosmopolitan (1967), Book Digest (1978, 1979), Sky (1978), and Mainliner (1976).

The collection contains tearsheets, photocopies, and complete magazines; together, they date from 1947 to 1978. Also present in the collection are tearsheets and photocopies of reviews and publicity for Wallace’s books, as well as several interviews (1960s--1970s).

Correspondence in the Wallace collection includes approximately one hundred letters to and from the Alfred A. Knopf publishing company (1949-1959); these include letters from editors Philip Vaudrin, Herbert Weinstock, Henry Robbins, as well as Blanche Knopf, Alfred A. Knopf, and Alfred A. Knopf, Jr.

Other correspondence consists of letters from notable recipients of Wallace’s book The Man : Ralph J. Bunche, William O. Douglas, Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller, Bertrand Russell, Upton Sinclair, and Earl Warren.

Photographs in the collection include images of Wallace as a young boy, Wallace with his family, publicity photos, Wallace with a variety of notable public figures (actors, writers, and politicians), and stills from films made from Wallace’s books.
Other items in the collection include childhood items, biographical material, and several items regarding Sylvia Wallace and David Wallechinsky.

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