Walpole, Hugh (1884-1941)
The Hugh Walpole collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and other items.

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal and professional letters. One significant group of correspondence is 29 letters and one postcard from Walpole to Mrs. Jessie (Hart) Wainwright (1927-1939). These letters were sent by Walpole from various locations in England and the U.S.; they discuss his writings, contemporary politics, and the Great Depression. Another notable series of letters consists of 15 letters from Walpole to to F. J. Ratcliffe at Macmillan, Co., regarding the publication of Walpole’s books (1929-1935). Other correspondence consists of two letters to Cazenove, Walpole’s literary agent (1910); a letter to a Mr. Wilson arranging a meeting and discussing publication (1925); a letter to "dear old Frank" regarding receiving The Old Ladies (1925); a letter to an unknown person describing Walpole’s opinion of his own work (1928); a letter to George Sutcliffe re: Jeremy At Large (1928); a letter to "Eric" regarding royalty payments (1928); a letter to Alice and Henry Laffin of Buffalo, New York (1930); a letter to writer Robert Nicholds (1930); a thank-you letter to a Mr. Evans (1931); and a letter to Roland Young regarding a meeting (1935).

Manuscripts by Walpole include his original draft (in 12 notebooks) of The Young Enchanted, with several revisions and notes; a holograph draft of The Cathedral (Macmillan, 1922), in two bound buckram volumes, including trial pages and revisions consisting of numerous brief passages omitted from the published version, with Walpole's marginalia throughout; and a quotation from Walpole’s The Secret City, signed and dated New York, Oct. 28, 1919.

Other items in the collection consist of a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (Oct. 1934) for Walpole’s story “Vanessa”; a photograph of Walpole in his garden; and a printed leaflet (first edition) of “The Story of a Dream as it was Told to the Friends of Mr. Walpole at the Club of Odd Volumes.”
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1. Walpole, Hugh, Sir, 1884-1941
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