Ward, Mary Jane (1905-1981)
The Mary Jane Ward collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, professional material, financial material, scrapbooks, and other items.

Manuscripts by Ward in the collection include three variant drafts of The Snake Pit (Random House, 1946); The Professor's Umbrella (Random House, 1951); A Little Night Music (Random House, 1951); It's Different for a Woman (Random House, 1952); Counterclockwise (Henry Regnery, 1969); The Other Caroline (Crown, 1970); Windows in the Bridge (ca. 1976); and drafts of book reviews by Ward.  Also present is a teleplay version of A Little Night Music, written by David Swift, for Philco Television Playhouse.

Correspondence in the collection dates from 1945 to 1970, and consists of letters from various editors and publishers, including Random House, Little, Brown, Brand Crown, A and S Lyons Agency, Ober Dutton, Wolfert, and others.  Correspondents include Bennett Cerf, Saxe Commins, Robert N. Linscott, James Putnam, Ivan von Auw, Jr., Max Siegel, Dominick Abel, and Millen Brand.  The files of professional letters also contain several manuscript fragments, notes, proposals, contracts, royalty statements, printed items, and other material.

Professional material consists of a file of material regarding Twentieth Century-Fox film studios, including letters, notes, itineraries, printed items, a contract draft, and other material.

Financial material consists of one file each regarding Max Siegel and Regnery, and Wolfert (1953-1954), including royalty statements, contracts, receipts, and other items.

Scrapbooks in the collection include four albums of newspaper clippings, dating from 1931 to 1981.

Other material in the collection includes eight photographs of Ward (ca. 1947) and a file of material regarding Rockland State Hospital.
Notable Figures
1. Ward, Mary Jane, 1905-1981
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