Warren, Rosanna (1953-)
The Rosanna Warren collection consists of original manuscript material related to The Art of Translation: Voices From the Field, edited by Rosanna Warren (Northeastern University Press, 1989).  It represents a wide-ranging collection of studies in the nature of translation and its art: a compilation of essays by poets, translators, and literary scholars.

The original manuscript contains numerous hand-written corrections from editor Warren, as well as printer's notes and markings.  The manuscript is divided into four sections as follows: "Testimonies to the Art of Translation" by Seamus Heaney, Christopher Middleton, Suzanne Jill Levine, and A. K. Ramanujan.  "Drama" with essays on "Phaedra Britannica" by Tony Harrison and "Aischylos: For Actors in the Round" by Michael Ewans.  "Anthropology" with essays on "Language, Politics, and Translation" by J. Jorge Klor De Alva and "The Translator; or, Why the Crocodile was not Disillusioned" by Dennis Tedlock."History" with the essays "The Classical Hero in Irish Metamorphosis" by Frederick Ahl; "Sappho: Translation as Elegy" by Rosanna Warren; and "Montale: Translated or Translator" submitted by Donald Carne-Ross.  "Vistas" includes the essays "Silence, The Devil, and Jabes" by Rosemarie Waldrop; "The Guest: Second Thoughts on translating Holderlin" by Richard Sieburth;  "Translation in Theory and in Certain Practice" by Dennis Donoghue; and "The Prtesence of Translation: A View of English Poetry" by Charles Tomlinson.  Two other pieces were inserted later.  They include "Fortunata and Jacinta: A Polyphonic Novel" by Agnes Moncy Gullon and "On the Translation of Chinese Poetry" by Parker Po-Fei Huang.

The collection includes four volumes of poetry by Rosanna Warren in the book collection.
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