Watt, Richard M. (1930-2015)

The Richard M. Watt collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, research material, and audio material.

Manuscripts in the collection include novels and articles. Drafts, outlines, corrections, and notes are included for Dare Call it Treason (1963) and The Kings Depart (1968).  Unpublished manuscripts are also included, such as an unprinted review written for Life and outlines of proposed articles.

Correspondence in the collection dates from 1959 to 1969. Most correspondence is regarding Watt’s research or the publication of his books. Notable correspondents include Peter Calvocoressi, Cyril Falls, Betty Furness, S.L.A. Marshall, Donald M. Murray, William Shirer, Edward Spears, and Arthur Sylvester.

Printed material in the collection includes magazine clippings and galley proofs. Clippings include advertisements for Watt’s work in magazines such as The New Yorker. Galley proofs are included for The Kings Depart.

Research material in the collection includes sources, photographs, maps, notecards, and bibliographic material used by Watt to write Dare Call it Treason and The Kings Depart. Audio material in the collection includes a recording of an interview with Watt regarding Dare Call it Treason on the Casper Citron Show.

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