Webb, Charles (1939- )
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The Charles Webb collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, legal material, correspondence, photographs, and other items.

Manuscripts by Webb in the collection include Love, Roger (Houghton Mifflin, 1969); The Laundromat (unpublished); The Marriage of a Young Stock Broker (Lippincott, 1970); The Last Usher (unpublished novella); Gwen (formerly Drink Jasmine and Alice ; unpublished); The Journey of Mary Godfrey (fragment of an unfinished project, as well as some letters between Webb and his publishers and agents; 1966-1968); The Adjustment of John Wyndham (unpublished); and various papers, short stories, poems, and other items written by Webb during his student years at Williams College (1951-1957).

Manuscripts by others in the collection include and unpublished novel titled The Better Part, by Webb’s aunt, Ruth Webb; and a short story by Robert Hill Gillespie titled “The Seed of Onan,” with a handwritten note from Gillespie to Webb dated 1961.

Printed material in the collection includes: reviews, publicity materials, and a book jacket for Love, Roger (a condensed version of the book that was published in Cosmopolitan, 1969); a clipping from The New Yorker of a 1968 article about The Graduate ; newspaper articles regarding Webb’s son David; clippings regarding the California school system; and approximately 400 miscellaneous magazines, newspaper clippings, programs, maps, and other items.

Legal material in the collection includes a contract with New American Library for Life in the Basin (1964); agreement with New American Library regarding The Graduate ; agreements with Houghton Mifflin and Universal Pictures (1968) and Andre Deutsch, Ltd. (1969) regarding Love, Roger ; a contract between Webb, J. B Lippincott, and Mladin Zarubica regarding The Last Usher, 1968; and contracts with J. B. Lippincott for rights to Thoughts of a Young Stockbroker and Gwen .

Correspondence in the collection consist of both professional and personal letters.
Professional letters in the collection include letters between Webb’s agents and publishers, regarding: The Laundromat (1966-1967); publication and film rights for Love, Roger (1967-1969); The Last Usher (1968), including a letter from Webb to Steve McQueen; The Marriage of a Young Stock Broker (1969), including correspondence with Robert Lantz; and general business letters (1960-1969) including letters from Robert Lantz, Irvin Kershner, Rex Stout, David Helton, and Whitney Ellsworth.

Personal letters letters in the collection include letters to and from various family members (1908-1930s); several letters from Webb’s years at Williams College (1950s-1969); items regarding Webb’s wedding and honeymoon (1962-1963); letters to Webb’s son David from various cartoonists, including Hank Ketcham, Charles M. Schulz, Cathy Guisewite, Russell Myers, Bob Osborn, and Garry Trudeau; several letters from Stephen Randall (1982-1983); and numerous general letters, including letters from Jules Feiffer, Buck Henry, and Gloria Steinem.

Photographs in the collection consist of family photos of Webb and his relatives, including a photo album. Also in the collection are miscellaneous photos of various film stars, including Rudolph Valentino and Greta Garbo.

Other items in the collection include miscellaneous political memorabilia; items from Webb’s childhood (printed items, notes, and drawings), grammar school material from Midland School (tests, papers, grades, notes, workbooks, etc.) including several items regarding Webb’s work for the Midland Mirror (1956-1957); Williams College material (admission papers, degree, printed examples of Webb’s writings, other items); cartoons by David Webb; the journal of Webb’s son John, kept on his travels to Russia in the summer of 1983; and other items.

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1. Webb, Charles Richard, 1939-
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