Wells, H.G. (1866-1946)
The H.G. Wells collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and photographs.

Manuscripts by Wells in the collection include "The Plattner Story" (1897); "The New Machiavelli" (1911); "Mr. Belloc Objects to the Outline of History" (1926); The World of William Clissold (1926); "Democracy and Revision," a published lecture delivered at the Sorbonne (1927); "Declaration of the Rights of Man" (1939), with a preamble along with a letter from Wells to Vernon Bartlett; "The Remarkable Adventures or Mr. Parham" (undated); and an untitled piece about George Bernard Shaw.

Manuscripts by others in the collection include two sets of proofs (English version, with handwritten corrections, and American version, without notations) to the appendix of My Dear Wells, by Henry Arthur Jones (1921); "Interview with Mr. H. G. Wells," by Jack Carney (1938), including a letter from Wells; and two manuscripts by Eric Simon about Wells, "Little Wars and General H. G. W." (undated); "Easton Glebe - Then and Now" (1971).

Correspondence in the collection includes both letters to and from Wells. In total, they date from 1896 to 1951. Notable letters include: a letter, not in Wells' hand, about a story concerning a ten days' bicycle tour and the American rights to the piece (1897); a letter from Wells to W. E. Henley (1901); a letter from Wells to Harold Munro (1908); thirty-two letters from Wells to metallurgist and novelist Eric N. Simons (1916-1943); an engraved calling card autographed by Wells' wife and E. I. Jackson, with a caricature of Wells by himself (1917); a letter from Wells to the Editor of the Grocer's Assistant Year Book (undated); sixteen letters between Wells and Charles Kay Ogden (1923-1943); seven letters from Wells to Harold Daski (1925-1934); a letter from Wells to Abel Chevalley (1927); five letters from Wells to Anita Loos (1929, 1933, and undated); three letters from Wells to A. P. Herbert (1930, 1934, 1935); four letters and one signed statement from Wells to Mrs. Bluebell M. Hunter (1932-1935); seven letters from Wells to Vernon Bartlett (1934-1940); four letters from Wells to Leon M. Lion, and five letters from Lion to Wells (1936-1937); two letters from Wells to Graham Greene (1936, 1940); a letter from Wells to Eleanor Roosevelt (1937); three letters from Wells to "Mr. Allen" (undated); six letters from book dealer Howard S. Mott to R. Burdon-Miller (1946, 1951); a letter from Wells to "Milne" (possibly A. A. Milne); four letters from Wells to "Mrs. Townshend" regarding Rebecca West, and one letter from Rebecca West; two letters to Bennett Arnold; and a letter from Marjorie Wells to Graham Greene, written on Wells' behalf.

Printed material in the collection includes advertising material for The Mind in the Making ; a Dec. 2, 1940 issue of Town Meeting, with a comment by Wells; a March, 1944 issue of The Fortnightly, containing the article “Britain and Russia: Rivals or Partners?” by Wells; other issues of Town Meeting ; Upton Sinclair: Biographical and Critical Opinions ; Linguaphone Language Courses ; a broadside dated Oct. 5, 1926, from Wells to “My Dear Watt”; newspaper clippings (1929-1933) containing reviews of movies based on Wells’ writing and news items about Wells; and four obituaries of Wells (authors include Julian Huxley, George Bernard Shaw, Henry Seidel Canby, Elmer Davis, Clifton Fadiman, and Waldemar Kaempffert).

Photographs in the collection consist of three autographed prints of Wells and an autographed picture postcard of Wells.
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1. Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946
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