Wertenbaker, Lael Tucker (1909-1997)
The Lael Tucker Wertenbaker collection includes book and television script manuscript material, as well as professional correspondence related to these specific projects.  There is also printed material related to a business journal Wertenbaker contributed to on a regular basis.

Book manuscripts include drafts of The Afternoon Woman (1966), including letters between Wertenbaker and the editors, publishers and readers (1965-1966) and a letter from author and critic Marya Mannes to Wertenbaker (1965); The Hotchkiss School: A Portrait (1966), written in collaboration with Maude Basserman, with correspondence between Wertenbaker and the publishers regarding the book (March-June 1966); The World of Picasso (Time/Life Books, 1966), with correspondence (1965-1966), including letters to and from Picasso expert Sir Roland Penrose, an unofficial adviser on the project (1956-1967); and Unbidden Guests (1970).  There is also manuscript material related to the television script written by Wertenbaker for Walter Cronkite’s CBS documentary Series 20th Century (Wertenbaker’s topic was Pierre Laval, French politician and Prime Minister in the 1930s); with correspondence from Wertenbaker to officials at CBS concerning the Laval project (1962).

In the category of printed material, there are two volumes of the business publication Markham’s World: Fall 1976, Volume 1, no.1 and Winter 1976-1977, Volume 2.  Wertenbaker is credited as "regular staff writer."
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