Westlake, Donald E. (1933-2008)
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The Donald Westlake collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, research material, and other items.

Manuscripts by Westlake in the collection include novels, screenplays, and short stories, including several unpublished works. Novels by Westlake in the collection include The Mercenaries (Random House, 1960); The Spy In the Ointment (Random House, 1966); God Save the Mark (Random House, 1967); Who Stole Sassi Manoon? (Random House, 1968); Once Against the Law, by various authors, compiled by Westlake and Philip Klass (MacMillan, 1968); Somebody Owes Me Money (Random House, 1969); Up Your Banners (MacMillan, 1969); Adios, Scheherezade (Simon and Schuster, 1970), Jimmy the Kid (M. Evans, 1974); Dancing Aztecs (M. Evans, 1976); Enough! (M. Evans, 1977); Nobody’s Perfect (M. Evans, 1977); Castle in the Air (M. Evans, 1980); Kahawa (Viking,1982); Why Me (Viking, 1983); Good Behavior (Mysterious Press, 1986); Trust Me On This (Mysterious Press, 1988); Humans (Mysterious Press, 1992); Don’t Ask (Mysterious Press, 1993); Baby, Would I Lie? (Mysterious Press, 1994); Smoke (Mysterious Press, 1995); The Ax (Mysterious Press, 1998); What’s The Worst that Could Happen? (Mysterious Press, 1996); Fall of the City (1997); The Hook (Mysterious Press, 2000); Bad News (Mysterious Press, 2001); Put a Lid on It (Warner Books, 2003); and Money For Nothing (Mysterious Press, 2003).
Westlake's novels in the collection written under the name "Richard Stark" include The Score (Pocket Books, 1964); The Jugger (Pocket Books, 1965); The Handle (Pocket Books, 1966); The Damsel (Macmillan, 1967); The Dame (Macmillan, 1967); The Black Ice Score (Fawcett, 1968); The Sour Lemon Score (Fawcett, 1969); The Blackbird (Macmillan Co., 1969); Comeback (Mysterious Press, 1997); and Backflash (Mysterious Press, 1999).

Other books written under various pseudonyms include Elizabeth Taylor (as "John B. Allan," 1961); Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death (as "Tucker Coe," Random House, 1966); Anarchaos (as "Curt Clark," reissued by Severn House Publishers, 2004); Murder Among Children (as "Tucker Coe," Random House, 1968); and Wax Apple (as "Tucker Coe," Random House, 1971).

Screenplays in the collection (mostly unproduced) include The Score ; You Can Trust Me ; Ex Officio ; Elizabeth Bentley ; Line and Sinker ; Fair Game ; The Stepfather (1986); Love In the Attic ; Remote Control ; Maximum Bob (adapted from the novel by Elmore Leonard); Angel 103 ; Emerald City (adapted by Westlake); Call Me a Cab ; God's Pocket; We Interrupt This Murder; Murder at the Vanities; Hot Stuff (with Michael Kane); note cards for a script titled Why Me ; outlines for the television series I, Spy ; a film adaptation of Tom Wolfe's Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby ; Fly Paper (adapted from a Dashiell Hammett story); Perfect Image (drafts adapted from the book Ripley Underground ); drafts for James Bond films; and other items.

Numerous short story manuscripts are present in the collection, as well as several book reviews written for the New York Times and other publications. Other manuscripts include material for an IBM lectures series; an introduction to a James Thurber collection; and a brief autobiographical piece by Westlake.

Correspondence in the collection consists of both personal and professional letters. Subjects include letters between Westlake and various publishers (1965-1968); letters regarding the screenplay for The Score (1965-1967); fan mail, including a letter from Harlan Ellison; letters between Westlake and the Mystery Writers of America (1996); letters between Westlake and film producers regarding the production of God's Pocket (1996-1997), including Westlake's notes regarding the characterization for the story; letters from Hugh Hefner, Joan Kahn, and Hillary Waugh; and general professional letters (1997-2002).

Research material in the collection consists of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and handwritten notes regarding Fall of the City, serialized in the New York Times (1997). Other research material consists of printed items consulted while writing an Outward Bound article.

Printed material in the collection consists of magazines containing stories by Westlake from the 1970’s and 1980’s, including The New Black Mask, Mystery News, Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Playboy, The New Yorker, Redbook , The Armchair Detective Journal, and other titles.

Other items in the collection include several items regarding the Caribbean island of Anguilla, including manuscripts of articles, a scrapbook, letters, research material, notebooks, magazines, pamphlets, and photographs. Additional material consists video cassettes of films either written by Westlake or inspired by his stories, as well as miscellaneous photographs.
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