Wheeler, Keith (1911-1994)
The Keith Wheeler collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and other items.

Manuscripts by Wheeler in the collection include drafts of his novels The Pacific is My Beat (1943), The Reef (1950), Small World (1958, alternatively titled Go West, Young Man, and Keep Going); and The Last May Day (1968).  There are also drafts of stories sent to The Chicago Times (1942-1943); a journal notebook (1942), which includes drafts of news stories; journal entries; an undated journal; and multiple drafts of the short story "Sweet Pea and the Siren."

Correspondence in the collection includes a letter from Edward Wheeler (Keith Wheeler's father) to The Chicago Tribune (1942); letters to Keith Wheeler from David Dressler, editor of Saga magazine (1951); a series of letters to Wheeler from his agent, George T. Bye (1957); a letter from Wheeler to Marvin McCarthy, Managing Editor of The Chicago Daily Times (1942); a letter from Robert J. Casey of The Chicago Daily News Reporter to Paul Mowrer of The Chicago Daily News (1942); a letter Wheeler sent to his editor at Doubleday with a list of manuscript changes; a letter to Wheeler from David Maness of Life magazine (1967); and a letter from Robin Dennison of Hodder and Stoughton, Ltd. to Innes Rose, Esq. of John Farquharson, Ltd. Literary agency (1967).

Printed material in the Wheeler collection includes tear sheets of stories by Wheeler as they appeared in The Chicago Times (1943-1945); tear sheets of Wheeler's article "Triumph Over Tuna Brings a Savage Thrill," The Chicago Sun-Times (1950); an article on Voodoo from The Chicago Sun-Times (1950); a copy of The Congressional Record (1942) that mentions Keith wheeler and his reporting; a tear sheet of a review of Wheeler's book The Reef, New York Herald Tribune (1951); and news clippings regarding the marriages of Wheeler’s brother and sister, Jean and Robert.

Other items include photographs in the collection of U.S. naval personnel with inscriptions to Wheeler; and U.S. naval authorizations.
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