White, Hilda Crystal (1917-2012)
The Hilda Crystal White collection consists of manuscripts, diaries, correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, and printed material.

Manuscripts by White in the collection include juvenalia (1928-1931); items identified as "Early Girlhood Poems" (1932-1939); multiple drafts of her biographical novel Song Without End: The Love Story of Clara and Robert Schumann (1959); a manuscript draft of The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock: Some Personal Thoughts (1963); and multiple chapter drafts of Truth is My Country: Portraits of Eight New England Authors (1971). There are multiple drafts of Jude, an opera libretto by White, along with historical research notes related to the project (1964-1967); and a draft manuscript of False Starts, an Autobiography. There are also manuscript drafts for a number of undated short stories: Behold! The Humming Bird; Everything You Want; The Foreign Element; Hobart's Darlings; The Moat; Quieter Than a Sleep; Sally’s Cat; The Storm Lady; and Total Eclipse. There is also an unfinished manuscript draft of an article on juvenile literature; trial chapters of an unfinished novel, Stella Baron; and fragments of other unfinished stories.

Diaries include loose pages from a diary (ca. 1933); a number of diary notebooks White used to jot down notes on her exploration of family history; a diary with the title Maine Diary; and a personal diary (1978).

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal and professional letters to and from White.  Personal letters date from 1937 to 2000, and include correspondence with Jean Stanley and Helen Yglesias.  Professional correspondence includes letters from Thomas J. Watson, President of IBM and Charles A. Valentine, Sales Engineer, to Hilda Crystal White, in regards to an award she received from IBM for a contest paper she submitted, "How Education Develops the Power to Think" (1936); a letter to White from Sotheby’s International Poetry Competition, awarding her a prize for her poem, Steps (1982); and inquiry and rejection letters (1990-2000).  Notable correspondents include Bill Packard, Russell Baker, Earl Robinson,  Calvin Tompkins; Jean Burden; Charles Gibb.

Memorabilia in the Hilda Crystal White collection includes White’s fourth grade report card from the Isadore Newman Manual Training School in New Orleans (1927/1928); and items belonging to her daughter, Julie, including a bracelet, a ring, and a pendant necklace.

Photographs in the collection include a number of photos of White; photographs of White and her older sisters as residents of the Jewish Children’s Home, New Orleans (1925), as well as photos of Henry Lincoln Ginsburg and a woman named Edna, both official caretakers at the Jewish Children’s Home; photographs of various American authors used for White's book Truth is My Country: Portraits of Eight New England Authors; a photograph of poet Jean Stanley in front of a bookshop she owned (1949); and photographs of the Meacham family of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Printed material in the Hilda Crystal White collection includes a brochure from the Jewish Children's Home, New Orleans, Louisiana, with White's notes written on it; a newspaper clipping documenting White's visit to the Jewish Children's Home (1958); several issues of Maroon and White, Chattanooga High School, Chattanooga, Tennessee, with either pieces by or that mention White (1934-1935); The 1936 Dynamo, Volume 24, Senior Class, Chattanooga High School, includes White’s poem, "Immersion," as well as her column, "Critique" (1936); and her high school diploma (1936). There is a copy of White’s first published short story, "Lucindy," as it appeared in The Apprentice, a magazine supplement sponsored by the English Department of Washington Square College, New York University (1938); along with her poem, "To a Poplar" (1938). The collection also contains a copy of The Sea Gull, newsletter of the National League of Pen Women, Long Island Branch (1960); Caravan: Hawkeye Poetry Magazine, edited by Helen Harrington, with poems by Jean Stanley (1960-1963); and photocopies of Community, a publication of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans, containing a picture of White as a young girl (1990).
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