White, Nelia Gardner (1894-1957)
The Nelia Gardner White collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and other material.

Manuscripts by White in the collection include drafts of several novels and other works.  Titles include: Boy of Scott's Corner (1938); The Girl in the Post Office (1951); Yamadori; Brother Adrian (ca. 1934); Quicksand; Croppy Jones (ca. 1959); The Mask of Venus (ca. 1958); Nice People Don't Murder; Nobody's That Special a.k.a. The Japanese Garden; and Nora (unpublished).  Drafts of scripts for radio talks include The Women of Tomorrow and All About Books (both 1948); as well as a television or radio script version for her 1957 novel Gift and the Giver.  There is a considerable amount of manuscript material related to White’s output as a short story writer, including drafts of "The White Tulip," "Inside the Mist," "Responsibility" a.k.a. "Interference" (ca. 1932), "Poor Foolish Blossom" a.k.a. "Silks or Plain Sewing" (ca. 1938), "Quarrel of the Two Flamingos" a.k.a. "One Day Can Make a Difference"; "Young Mrs. Moon" a.k.a. "Young Moon's Wife," "Weather in the Heart," as well as a manuscript draft for a play script of the same (1953); and many others.  Manuscripts written by others include a draft of "Pride of the Upland Steer," a piece written by White’s daughter Barbara White Yeldin (1937); a draft of "Four Imaginary Rooms" (1940), also by Yeldin, along with "Where Credit is Due: Tracing the English Inheritance of Norwegian Folklore" (1959). There is also a manuscript draft for a Destiny of Two, a novel serialization in Pictorial Review (1939); and a play by Edward Childs Carpenter, No Trumpet, based on White's No Trumpet before Him (originally published in 1948).

Correspondence in the collection includes general fan mail (1921-1957); and letters to and from various friends and family members.  These include a large number of letters from White's daughter, Barbara White Yedlin (1937-1944); and from White to her daughter (1939-1940). There is also professional letters (1952-1971), notably correspondence to White from Said Al-Arabi (1952, 1972-1976).

Printed material in the collection written by White includes: "Non O'Reilly," appearing in The American Needlewoman (1927); "Once a Hummingbird," in The Ladies' Home Journal (1936); "I Must Tell You," in McCall's (1936); "Saturday Afternoon," in McCall's (1936); "Funny Little Man," in McCall's (1937); "Three Women and a Doctor," in McCall's (1937); "Thanksgiving After All," in Pictorial Review (1938); "Can't We Be Friends," in McCall's (1938); "Everything But Love," in McCall's (1939); "Every Chance," in Pictorial Review (1939); and Pink House, a serialization in the Swedish magazine Aret Runt (1951). There are newspaper clipping reviews for the play, No Trumpet (1948-1951); a radio broadcast transcript by Susan Kimmel (1948); and a review by Victor R. Yaninelli (1948).

Other items in the collection include a number of scrapbooks containing printed material, photographs, printed stories, and personal memorabilia; and a number of sketches by White.

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