White, Robin (1928-2010)
The Robin White collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and photographs.

Manuscripts by White in the collection include drafts of All in Favor Say No (1964), including several variant drafts; Elephant Hill (1959); Foreign Soil (1962); His Own Kind (1967); House of Man Rooms (1958); Men and Angels (1961); Be Not Afraid (1972), including diary notes and artwork; The Special Child: A Parent's Guide to Mental Disabilities (1978), including an outline; a number of short stories, with a letter from The New Yorker Fiction Department to White's agent Diamuid Russell (1962); Writing the Nonfiction Narrative; Writing the Episodic Novel; and articles and reviews both by and about Robin White. The latter include draft of "The Sawbwa and His Secretary" by C.Y. Lee, with a letter White sent to Francis Brown of The New York Times Book Review (1959); a draft of White's review of Tales of Ancient India, translated by J.A.B. Van Buitenen, Saturday Review (1959); and a draft of White's review of Literary Kaleidescope: India (1962).

Correspondence in the collection includes letters pertaining to Be Not Afraid (1967-1972) and The Special Child (1975-1976), including correspondence from Brian R. Boylan and Nancy Miller of Modern Medicine; Myron D. Winick of Columbia University (1976); and Fred J. Krause of the President's Commission on Mental Retardation (1977 and 1978).

Printed material includes book reviews and publicity in the form of clippings and tearsheets, including The New York Times Book Review and Peninsula Living; as well as two scrapbooks of clippings. There are also a number of professional quarterlies; reviews; periodicals and journals in the collection; as well as issues of popular magazines.

Photographs include images of Robin White, his family, his friends, and India.
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