Willeford, Charles (1919-1988)

The Charles Willeford collection consists of manuscripts and video material.

Manuscripts consist of typescript drafts of Willeford’s novels Honey Gal (1956), Lust is a Woman (1958), The Burnt Orange Heresy (1971), The Hombre From Sonora (1971), Cockfighter (1972), and Off the Wall (1980), among others. Also included is a copy of a play entitled The Second Half of the Double Feature. The series also includes a draft of an unpublished autobiography titled Road Kid. Also included are book reviews and articles published in Miami Herald and Tropic from 1970 to 1977.

Video material includes a tape of a lecture by Willeford on Dada and Surrealism from 1972.

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1. Willeford, Charles Ray, 1919-
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