Wilson, Sloan (1920-2003)
The Sloan Wilson collection contains manuscript material for a number of his novels, articles, and short stories, as well as teleplay scripts for an unproduced television series.  The collection also includes Wilson’s notes, notebooks, and other research material used in his writing.  There are files of magazines containing articles by Wilson; and folders of correspondence, both personal and professional.

The manuscript material related to his novel Janus Island (1967) includes drafts of unpublished work, or fragments of work , that were somehow related to the creation of the novel. There is a typescript manuscript with holograph corrections for Away From It All (1969, Little, Brown), along with discarded pages and galleys.  There is an edited typescript manuscript with holograph corrections for All the Best People (1970, Putnam's).  There is also a second manuscript , sent to copy editing and the printer, with holograph corrections and printer’s marks, along with a set of corrected galley proofs.  There is a typescript manuscript with holograph corrections for What Shall We Wear to This Party? (1975, Arbor House).  There is a second draft typescript manuscript with holograph corrections for Ice Brothers (1979, Arbor House); and a fourth draft typescript manuscript with holograph corrections for Small Town (1978, Arbor House).

There are also manuscripts for the unpublished novels The Gold Cannon and Keys of Gold: A Novel in Two Parts.  Both are typescript with holograph corrections.

There are a series of teleplay scripts for The Restless Years, an unproduced television series, created by Wilson.  There is a general outline for the series, written by Wilson; and there are two scripts for the series written by others.  There is a file of various memoranda from Wilson concerning the series.

There is a large group of articles and short stories by Wilson, mostly undated.  Titles include "An Experiment in Crowd Psychology" (1940), "What Makes a Woman Attractive to a Man," an address suggested for presentation at Hunter College by New York Mayor John Lindsay, but never given.  Other titles include, "On Ending Segregation by Bus," "Reflections of an Expert on Vietnam," and "Should You Let Teenagers Drink in Your Home," to name but a few.  There are 29 short pieces in the collection, many in multiple drafts with holograph corrections.  There is also a file of unidentified manuscript fragments, most with holograph corrections.  In addition to the short articles, there are also drafts of poems by Wilson, similarly typescript with holograph corrections.

There are notes and research material on alcoholism and Dr. Ruth Fox, first medical director of the National Council on Alcoholism.  The collection also includes Wilson’s research for an article on Doctor Benjamin Spock: notebooks and other magazine articles by and about the doctor.  There is a typescript draft with holograph corrections of an article by Wilson entitled, "The Three Careers of Dr. Spock."  There is a file of miscellaneous bits and pieces, including a snapshot of Wilson.

There is a file of magazines that contain articles by Wilson.  They include: Suburbia Today, October 1962, August 1963, February 1964, and December 1964; Fact, January, February 1964; and Family Weekly, August 30, 1964 and October 31, 1965.

Correspondence includes letters from his children (March 1963 - September 1966); personal correspondence (January 1962 - August 1966); and business correspondence (March 1960 - July 1966).  Notable correspondence includes letters from William Lusk, President of Tiffany & Co., Harvey Ginzburg, editor, G. Putnam’s Sons; Thomas Congdon, Jr., senior editor, Saturday Evening Post; Henry R. Luce, Time Magazine; Dr. Benjamin Spock; and Dr. Ruth Fox.  There are also carbons of 96 letters sent by Wilson, arranged chronologically from April 1963 to May 1965.  There is also correspondence in the collection from Wilson to Nolan Miller, Antioch College, giving his thoughts on students, teaching English, and writing.  These are dated between March and April 1956.
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1. Wilson, Sloan, 1920-2003
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